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  1. Hi Dave. Jake here from fountain tree works here. Do yopu still know that chap from southampton where you get your kit from. Im looking at buying a spiderjack and wondered whats the best price he might be able to do for me. Hope all is well.Jake

  2. dandkgroundcare

    B + E licence worth £450?

    having just done my cat c licence (£1700) which includes initial cpc theory and all tests then £38 for the digital tacho card you can no longer go straight in for your c+e you have to do your cat c first and with scania who i did mine with it is an extra £900 to do c+e on top. but the bonus as they call it if you have the c licence then you have no theory to pass for c+e
  3. dandkgroundcare

    London riots!

    apparently liverpool has kicked off now.................watching the news earlier according to youth leaders its not their fault its the governments.......bring back corporal punishment
  4. elllo mate brought the fs400 off u its bill really what i needed . quick cheeky question do u know if any spikes for sale ? cheeers mike

  5. Hi there, Long shot but have you still got the strimmer for sale???


  6. dandkgroundcare

    Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

    had me thinking the same the other day my daughter is 11 and starts senior school in september....... i will have shotgun at the ready:2gunsfiring_v1:
  7. dandkgroundcare

    Your Achievements

    wishing everything goes well with your little man nick. and of course best wishes to you and faye
  8. dandkgroundcare

    Anyone off too royal bath and west show

    Royal Bath & West Show this June, Somerset here you go
  9. dandkgroundcare

    Anyone off too royal bath and west show

    yeap will be there on friday jon which day are you going
  10. dandkgroundcare

    Stihl 660 with 18 bar what power like lol

    she still looks good glad she is still being used
  11. dandkgroundcare

    Stihl 660 with 18 bar what power like lol

    is that my old girl?
  12. dandkgroundcare

    passed my cs30/31 today

  13. dandkgroundcare


    i use it all the time at least i dont have to use those tight eyes on yale climbing lines
  14. dandkgroundcare

    new to Arbtalk

    or try fountain treeworks i know the owner was interviewing this week give luke a ring on 01934862162 and leave him a message
  15. dandkgroundcare

    new to Arbtalk

    welcome lewis try midland forestry or silvanus


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