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  1. no i must be dumb! there is no other option but enter url? maybe my browser is a wrongun?
  2. Monkeyed, are we certain that root bracket is G resinaceum?
  3. The gilled one is a form of crepidotus, hard to tell with the age of it, the other is Dryads saddle as suggested, polyporus squamosus. Had the gilled one been a pluerotus variety I doubt it would have dried and lasted
  4. when i click on that photo image icon I get a url request? not familiar with that method, do I just paste in the file location?
  5. lol, I am a fungi fiend for sure, bring it on bring it on. by the way what would you guys expect to find those two on? I cuticularis and pfiefferi? beech always in my experiance, loads of I, cuticularis in burnham, is the one responsible for the crinkly sock VTA signs in those old pollards
  6. and it looks as though there might be something parasitising the mellea though technicaly photos are no I.D tool,
  7. I, Dryadeus possibly for the black conk looking thing pluerotus ostreatus Auricularia tramettes gibbosa a mellea
  8. The image above is pholiota aurivella, the golden scalycap. common on beech its a great looking fungus when well nourished and out in gentle rain.
  9. Dual decay is not at all uncommon, at any one time there can be many many fungi within a trees system, some active others inactive and waiting. i have a great image that I will try to add of inonotus cuticularis and Ganoderma pfiefferi within three feet of eachother, both identical life styles (strategies). how does one enter a photo?
  10. Looking at the oak, that was an old rubbing limb, snapped before complete weld and scar left dysfunction into which the wood pecker made home, while the remaining stub continue to graft, really nice images


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