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  1. Hi anyone that might be listening, seems the forums a bit devoid these days!


    Does anyone have a deep enough understanding of biometric scaling to help elaborate on the 4th dimensional fractal nature as mentioned ? I am assuming maybe incorrectly it refers to the foliar area versus dry mass and the management of reserves within the fractal mass.


    I think their is a link with regards decay and retrenchment of trees with decays that would mean both the pruners and the non pruning arguments have been chewing the same bone from either end.


    If thats what i think it is, and im right, this is a pretty cool settling of a long fought battle !


    heavy I know but somebody gets it.


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  2. 2 minutes ago, Conor Wright said:

    Nice, what lathe you use? Something I've always wanted to have a go at. Just never got the chance, yet. Any more pics?

    My better half is the one with the knowledge of the fungus among us. Although I've noticed more visible this year than most.

    Jet 3520b, serious lathe. almost fulltime these days






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  3. On 13/10/2021 at 12:41, Daniel pease said:

    Would anyone happen to know these fungi came across them on the internet and were similar to ones I found on site apologies for the bad photos. 

    both number 2 are the same fungi thanks 😊 





    Taking random pictures off the internet of several wildly different species from wildly different ecological regions is not gonna help you! What was your host, what country was it in, would be a good start


  4. that fungi is probably secondary, the barks peeling, there was a bacterial disease of robinia frissias that made them die rapidly and stink, this looks the same, possibly armillaria attach as well there is root plate adaptions, i doubt those bodies are perenni as per your idea. perenniporia is perennial and tough like leather.

  5. 3 minutes ago, AA Teccie (Paul) said:

    Hi Tony, nice to hear.

    Things have moved on a little since this early post but essentially “yes” at least as the default position, 2 ropes/lines n 2 points of Anchorage (already many are trialing this and establishing both the pros and the cons.)



    this will never end! soon we will be banned from climbing like germany did a while back! 

  6. 2 minutes ago, Svts said:

    Wot no huge training industry making good money while passing poor ill equipped climbers and cutters into the industry! 

    Just working people looking after themselves. Then passing on their hard earned skills and knowledge to youngsters that had passed the entrance test of a few years graft at the shitty end ?

    yep, thats essentialy what were doing here and it will stay that way till I say so!

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  7. 3 minutes ago, Svts said:

    Haha for sure! I've largely gone back to full time forestry now. Still do the odd arb job if it's interesting enough. Find most arb a bit dull these days tbh. 

    Funny really because here there was no arboriculture, so i ended up kicking it all off, its been interesting because its like being in england 30 years ago. Theres only a handfull of arbs here now,


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  8. 4 minutes ago, Svts said:

    Training and assement need go change drastically if AA and the hse are really serious about improving things. I've lost count of the number of fully certified climbers I've worked with that lack basic skills and knowledge. 

    Passing the rigging ticket after a few months of brash dragging for a utility company shouldn't happen, but it does (a lot from what I've seen). 

    Really poor tree ident leading to no knowledge of timbers strengths and weaknesses. No apparent time restrictions on tests allowing very poor candidates to pass aerial rescue cert. They are then often left in charge of the most time critical climb anyone will ever be asked to do. 

    These are just a few of the issues that directly stem from the inbuilt faults within the arb training industry. 

    The Nptc is just a money making machine. Administered by the same people that make a nice living from continuously churning people out in the shortest time possible. 

    The two rope issue is such a silly distraction from the real problems that the AA should be addressing with the hse. Frankly I wonder if the AA is fit for purpose as it stands. 

    I for one will still only use two anchors if the tree dictates it. Managed 25 plus years without cutting my line or breaking an anchor point out, sure I'll manage a few more. 

    The situation is a joke. Proper education/training is the cornerstone the industry needs, Not more rules to protect the hopeless climbers pumped out by the current training system. 

    Apologies for going on but it's become frustrating to see the industry ruined from within. 


    feeling it bro, im glad i left the u.k scene!

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  9. 19 minutes ago, Marc said:

    If you need to prevent pendulum swing or achieve stable positioning then yes lanyard too.

    the whole things is just abstract and weird. I have no idea how I am going to enforce this.

     nobody is gonna enforce that on me! I Use three anchors in very special circumstances and maybe those circumstances have arisen half a dozen times in my long career! 32 years now to be exact. This ruling is not only absurd but just proves how distant those making the rules are from the coal face reality of arboricultural practice.

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  10. On 01/09/2019 at 22:41, AA Teccie (Paul) said:

    Apologies all, there's much background tbh and my colleague Simon, who wrote the article, tried to cover all bases.

    In a nutshell the HSE would expect to see 2x independent lines, and independent anchors, such that one system can act as a robust backup in the event of the other being damaged or becoming detached and the climber falling. 

    In terms of timescales this is not gonna happen overnight and, in all honesty, nothing is likely to 'start to' change until the industry code of practice (ICoP) is amended and 'Technical Guide 1 - Tree Ascent and Descent' is released. As you rightly mention training, and assessment, will have to change to and existing operators will have to change their MO to comply with the law (effectively.) In his article Simon likened this to the industry's equivalent to seat belts being intro'd. so gonna be years rather than months.

    Does this help clarify things...a little?

    Thanks for asking Kevin and I hope you;re well


    So what Your saying or being vague about saying is that in the not too distant future it will be law that a climber must use two climbing ropes. I'm glad my career is nearly over! now HSE is indeed going over and beyond sanity. 


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