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  1. I had the same problem with my canter on an 05 plate had to replace the injection pump its the electric part on the top that fails. think it throws up a fault for low fuel pressure. The new pump solved the problem.
  2. This is my Jensen 141 with Botex 360 crane. As the fly wheel is at 90deg to the material coming in and the rollers closer to the flywheel it chips a lot better than the farmi type chipper I had before. especially on conifer and whippy material more related to arb work. Needs a few more mods but working well would like a heizo in future for bigger capacity.
  3. When I needed new cable for mine went to a crane company they have loads of old cable that has to come off the cranes Perfectly fine for pulling with 22mm came off 200ton crane. ended with an eye and 5 u clamps. exposed chain now has guard over it.
  4. looking for a crane or lorry mounted hiab to take down a tree stem at the side of the road on east sussex kent boarder. tree sits on a bank and would be estimated at 50- 60 ft tall any recommended company's to get a quote from
  5. thanks for all the feed back Have persuaded the accountant that i fall outside the criteria needed for CIS and this document helped. FA04/S74 (2)(f) says that ‘operations which form an integral part of, or are preparatory to, or are for rendering complete (other construction operations including … landscaping’ are within the scope of the Construction Industry Scheme. Where landscaping or similar operations such as tree-felling are carried out as a preparatory measure, or on completion of a construction operation they are subject to CIS. Excluded from CIS routine landscaping, gardening, forestry and tree surgery not undertaken in the course of a wider project of construction landscaping open-cast mine areas after mining has ceased (where there are no pit head machinery, buildings or structures). construction of golf courses (if not associated with the construction of buildings such as club houses). cleaning up an undeveloped site prior to onward sale of land https://www.gov.uk/hmrc-internal-manuals/construction-industry-scheme-reform/cisr14200
  6. thanks will have a search yes i dont know anyone else that dose CIS apart from construction sites themselves when we do site clearance jobs for them. the problem is the accountant does not like the word wages to self employed labour only workers
  7. Im a newly started out business been operating 3 years I work with many different people so dont have any permanent staff. I have been told my accountant as i have self employed climbers and grounds staff working for me that I need to sign up for the HMC CIS Scheme where basically i have to pay there tax out of their wages. it is a construction industry scheme so does it apply to tree work ? thanks
  8. yes bob still running the efi 3.9 and though it was still on its standard gears was gona change them to ones out off a classic range rover to make cruising easier. yer she still shifts and the sound is just pure thrill haha so good i got it off you before you tipper body it. haha
  9. sorry bob been meaning to get back in contact with you and let you know how its progresses been out and about a fair bit in it now be down at the London to Brighton road run this Sunday
  10. best price and people to deal with are newton frost fencing in Horam about 30min from T wells they got everything to do with fencing in stock and deliver to.
  11. Am setting up my own Tree business after 4 years of working for another tree company and doing my degree in arb so am now looking for a part time groundie / labourer to assist me. Ideally looking for self employed person with cs 30/ 31 or a student studying an arb course. They must also be able to drive. I am willing to invest time in the right person and their is room for them to grow in the company and develop further. My work also includes fencing and some hard landscaping so is a real good mix and never a boring day. am located in mayfield east sussex. Please pm me / friend me if you are interested. Thanks. email suttontreecare@yahoo.com or Pm me
  12. was thinking of fitting my 1.5 ton digger with a rotor and grab as wud be handy for shifting cord brash around site and maybe feeding a chipper but was just woundering do u need a ticket to use the digger on site ? and also do u need extra insurance than just public liability ? do many people use diggers for arb work / take them to site ? thanks
  13. Im going climbing for Plumpton collage as their premier climber will be my first climbing comp so all support welcome
  14. Looking for a tip site in Portsmouth for a three day job Chippings and logs Our tipper is land rover 130 so hard standing not necessary if u can help please message me ur number and i will pass them on to my employer thanks james
  15. Just to clear a few things up I am working for the tree surgeons shown in the pictures and so don’t really have a say in the quoting process just get on and do the job lol I have just finished my ND in forestry and arb at Plumpton collage and am now looking to do the degree course in arb. The two trees where done for the council so the budget were larger than if it was a private client. the stein lowering bollard was set up as we were going to lower the branches but in the end just cut and dropped the sections to save time. The tree was felled in two pieces as there are other trees in the area which didn’t allow for the whole tree to be dropped in one. The oak tree was crane dismantled as it was close to other trees and the road and the wood was needed for a sculpture. The mewp was used as the tree had been dead for some time and the structural strength of the tree couldn’t be assured wouldn't have liked to been up it if it had fallen when felling out the top. will have to get my boss to sign up as he has been watching this site for ages. hope this helped


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