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  1. Retirement sale

    The splitter is now sold. Thank you Andrew. I hope it gives you good service.
  2. Retirement sale

    If you put "Riko A11v splitter" in your "browser thingy", as they say on the telly, it will bring up pic's of the splitter & it's trailer.
  3. Retirement sale

    Those who know me will be aware that I have had to retire from logging & landscaping. If any of you are interested in a splitter, ride on mower or trailer, then please see my Arbtrader ad's. Thank you. Chris
  4. Kit supplier Cambridge?

    Yes, about half way between Royston & Cambridge. Love to come along for the craic but my complaining knees wont let me climb!
  5. Kit supplier Cambridge?

    Duxford Hire & Supply is nearest to you but you'd probably be better off nipping down to Jonesie for choice & price.
  6. Caught him!

    Tony, I believe you are wrong here. It is not necessary for a contract (except for the sale of land) to be evidenced in writing. Oral contracts are just as enforceable though possibly a little more difficult. A contract of insurance is Uberrimae fidei, of the utmost good faith. An insurer would have great difficulty in getting out of a valid claim by arguing the non existence of a signature. If however, you are correct, then my truck & my public liability insurances are invalid. I can also say that there are many, many instances where we pay (service providers) by direct debit without our bank seeing a signed mandate. It doesn't make those debits any less valid. Oh, and lest anyone be confused about the validity of their marriage, signature not required.
  7. Cord wood for sale

    R5log. who is it that you want to ring you? The original post about beech logs was July 2011 & they all went long ago.
  8. In Desperate times...My Silky saves the day!

    Message box was only a third full Paul but anyway, it's empty now.
  9. In Desperate times...My Silky saves the day!

    Paul, you're welcome. From your first post in this thread you showed how it is possible to find work. You got on your bike and.....well, the rest is both inspirational & interesting to read. Hope you get good use out of the zigzag. Chris.
  10. Official Raffle Results 2012

    A big thank you to Paul Witheridge of Lyon Work & Rescue who donated a prize for the raffle. I won but as I wouldn't make use of it I suggested an alternative beneficiary which Paul was happy with & Steve is aware of. But then, surprise surprise, Paul kindly sent me a lovely Petzl Vertex Vent helmet & visor. Thank you Paul.
  11. Arbtalk Christmas Raffle 2012

    Absolutely brilliant. Big, big thanks to Steve & to Jo for the lovely email & photo. Well done to all who contributed, donated & took part.
  12. Anyone had a knee op recently?

    Mine was about the same time as Peter. Knee arthroscopy, two small incisions, cleaned out bits of floating cartilage & smoothed off the underside of the kneecap. No discomfort at all & walking easily immediately after. Got an amazing set of photo's showing the inside of the knee & all the damaged bits.
  13. Road tow splitter

    I bought the Balfor A11V trailed splitter from Riko & am very happy with it. What has surprised me is the number of mobile splitting jobs I've picked up. Didn't realise just how many people have come by some wood but don't have the ability/inclination to split it.
  14. From picture 2, I would say hornbeam, right colour bark & ridges. If it is, then it's a lovely firewood.
  15. eyes not trees?

    Kj, you've seen your doc' & then been to A & E. Now you're embarrassed about asking to see your doc' again? Telephone, speak to anonymous receptionist, say "I'm a bit embarrassed, can I see a different doc?" It wont be a problem. You know you should do it or you wouldn't be asking on here.


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