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  1. Brilliant Thank you, I will get them adverstised
  2. Local delivery prob 5-10 miles
  3. Builders bag size, say bradfords which holds approx 800kg sand
  4. Hope someone can advise as to what I should charge for a dumpy bag of seasoned douglas fir logs. Devon area if that helps Many thanks
  5. Brilliant thank you FJMatt
  6. Sorry there is probably an obvious answer but what size log nets does everyone use, I started looking for some and then got confused with so many sizes, Also what would you price douglas fir nets of logs at. Many thanks in advance
  7. I am looking for some advice on Sitka spruce value and specifications. At some point over the next 6 months we will be thinning Sitka in our own woodland. I have no idea what its roadside value would be and also what lengths we should cut it too? The timber is medium sized and is based in East Devon. Any advice would be gratefully received.
  8. jjames

    Stihl 017

    Brilliant, thank you for your quick reply
  9. jjames

    Stihl 017

    Hi, I have just been given 2 Stihl 017 chainsaws. 1 is a year 1995 and 1 is a year 1997, both in great condition. Am I right in thinking they run a 50 to 1 fuel mixture or because of the age do they run 25 to 1 mix. Also what is the longest bar they will run. Thanks in advance
  10. I have used Photinia, nice wood to turn, fairly plane looking and it has a habit of splitting after turning. Make sure it is well seasoned or kiln dried.
  11. jjames


    I would agree that the izy handle is a bit low and if i am mowing all day I do get a bit of back ache. It is still a great mower though for the money. The problem I find with the auto choke is when the weather is cold and you are continually stop starting the choke gets a little confused, fine when its warm though.
  12. jjames


    I have used the 18 inch self propelled honda izy for years and it is a great mower, a nice cut and has never let me down, perfect for small to medium lawns. The honda engine is great. I prefer the older version though, the automatic choke on the newer one is crap!
  13. jjames

    New strimmer

    I have the fs55 and it is great.
  14. The first time I smashed a window the insurance company told me that it was just an accident and that it should be the owner of the property that is responsible for checking that the grass is safe to mow and the breakage was not my problem. An interesting way of looking at it. I was upfront with my customer and offered to pay for the window, but they claimed it on the house insurance as they had no excess on glass damage.
  15. I have always had Echo but have just had to replace my long reach trimmer. I bought a shindaiwa from Abbey Garden Sales which cost £308 delivered on special offer. Its brilliant, been using it 2 weeks now and it is so much better than I expected, just as good as the echo but better balanced. 2 year commercial warranty. If you are looking for a long reach I really think it should be considered.


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