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  1. Anybody identify

    Cornus Kousa Chinensis
  2. New member, help wanted with processor.

    may be able to help as we run one. Try adjusting the actuator bolts. They do sometimes stop out if a small piece of debris is between ram and blade. Probably easier to look at it running when I get time.
  3. Need a wood Processor for a weekend

    might be able to do it if the price is right, it all depends on what the trees like
  4. Big wood in Kent?

    ive got some large beech that's circa 30" diameter and a few bits of birch ash oak
  5. Small tree ID

    Amalanchier aka June berry and snowy mesipius?
  6. Chip site wanted near tenterden, kent

    Give Hopes Grove nursery a ring or pop in there Morris will more than likely say yes. Mark
  7. Circular saw blades

    Get mine from Bennets not sure of price think a sharpen and re-tip is £30.
  8. The end of firewood?

    Not forgetting the nomadic types who no longer peddle their scrap, but too many variables to nail any one thing.
  9. cubic meter bulk bags

    J&H M Dickson ltd do some good bags much stronger than bag supplies 1000swl not 500swl and four tipping loops.
  10. use of herbacides

    Think this link could be the answer.
  11. Husqvarna old saw models?

    The old man has got a 380 and 480 cd in the back of the shed somewhere.
  12. Hornbeam cord wood

    whats the access like, I could take it all. £45 is about the norm delivered tho round here.
  13. laying hedges late into end of season

    There is a code of practice that states no hedge cutting after the 1st of march and not before 31st August, I could be wrong tho. Probably on the defra site or similar
  14. Going fishing req decent mozy spray as i get hammered

    Brewers yeast tablets have worked very well for me.
  15. ideas for storing split logs

    If its a clear tarp you will get lots of condensation also the sides need to be kept open with maybe a foot or so overhang.


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