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  1. Hello all, I'm just a lowly wood burning Joe who has recently taken delivery of a large Ash tree, (thanks Erskine Tree Surgeons, Glasgow). Whilst I plan to season and burn the smaller stuff, I cannot bring myself to burn the large Ash Discs I was thinking a table top (can you buy cast iron legs?) or a bench but that's as far as I got. Can you help please? I'm no expert and only have basic tools! (chainsaw, electric planer, chop saw etc.) Thanks, Cris
  2. Thanks everyone, I've posted a few more photos here http://arbtalk.co.uk/forum/firewood-forum/41988-tree-identification-please-more-photos.html
  3. A few more photos to support my earlier post to help identify this tree please. Thanks.
  4. Hello, I was hoping someone might be able to identify this tree please, I have a wee wood burner and the chance of a trailer load (windfall) but don't know if its any good for burning. It's quite heavy and seems like it would be okay once seasoned but I'm no expert! Thanks, Cris
  5. Alright Martyn,


    Hope your well, just posted this thread in the firewood forum.




    Gimmie a shout if you've got anything,


    Many thanks,


  6. Hi, Looking for two cords worth of any size unseasoned unprocessed hardwood for personal use / stocking up for next winter. Price should include delivery (Glasgow southside, easy access). Call me on 0141 419 0899 (after 6pm) or PM. Many thanks, Cris
  7. my setup getting the once over..
  8. Happily take the horse chesnut if its still available.. will pay fuel costs if delivery is an option otherwise we'll hire a trailer. On the southside (mosspark). Thanks, Cris T: 07977 137 661
  9. I like to use birch for kindling to get the fire going then its ash all the way. Loads of heat and splits easily. Oak and beech come a close second. Never tried Hawthone or Holly but would like too. I've some cherry seasoning for this winter which I hear produces a nice smell. I steer well clear of London Plane and Poplar!
  10. Hi Martyn,


    Thanks for the quick reply. Might be interested in a load of the unsplit oak, let me speak to Rosie and get back to you. Is a load a tippers worth?



  11. hi cris.


    I have alder and oak available at moment.


    I have 1 load of Alder and 1 Load of oak.


    Its good timber for burning.


    I usually sell this type of wood for around 60 a load unsplit and 140 split.


    Bit more expensive than more common wood.



  12. Hi Martyn,


    Hows it going? Hope you're well.


    I posted this message this evening and wondered if you knew of anything going?


    I'm after some hardwood in the Glasgow Area - Arbtalk.co.uk | Discussion Forum for Arborists


    Trying to fill wood shelters after winter!




  13. I'm after some hardwood, preferably beech, birch, ash, syca, cherry ect in the Glasgow area if anybody has any... Can take a tipper load in the driveway and process myself, anything up to three tonnes would be great. Will take any chippings too. Can offer a small payment and coffee, Thanks in advance, Cris
  14. cheers joe, just for my own use really, somewhere to store firewood for my wee wood burner. dont think I could them, took me quite a few weekends just to build this.


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