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  1. Timberwolf Manufacturers no is SBXTW22A 1HS220082. Cheers!
  2. No photos sadly! Distinctive features are in the first post. We've also put a post up on Facebook, I completely agree with you re: social media! Thanks for the advice.
  3. Thanks chaps. I've put it on Arborists Online. Any other good pages to share it on? Cheers
  4. Stolen around 7pm this evening (with a set of climbing gear and several Stihl saws) from the Bath/NW Wiltshire area, an almost new and very clean Timberwolf 160PH woodchipper. Distinguishing features are no Timberwolf stickers of any kind on it, and the regulator has been housed inside a small clear tupperware box to help against water ingress (just below the ignition key area) Also, the reflector brackets on the rear mudguards have been removed and replaced with a single reflector screwed directly into the mudguard. Wiltshire police crime number is 54190 013920 Any information please call Daniel on 07814076985, or reply/pm me here. Thanks!
  5. Alnus subcordata, Caucasian alder? The leaves are more oblong. What do the underside of the leaves look like? Orangey tufts under the vein joints would likely mean Italian, but if they are generally hairy underneath then it may be Caucasian.
  6. A remarkable Yew tree in a churchyard near sevenoaks
  7. I'm keen to make a start on the level 6 next year. I did the Tech Cert a few years back and as such I haven't done the plant portfolio. Would it be beneficial to make a start on this and do it in my own time while waiting for the next uptake? If so what's the general layout and what sort of things do they ask for in it?
  8. I use that rule of thumb as well. I have rubber mushroom shaped plugs on a cord tied to either side of my lid with the same SNR as the muffs (around 28) great for stop-start cutting work, especially in hot weather. I double up for things like logging. For all day chipper-thons or big saw logging I often switch to foam plugs with 38 SNR and the defenders on top. I read a few articles that said wearing both will not give you the sum of both the SNR ratings, more like 5-10 on top of the most effective one.
  9. You may well be right, if you look on their gallery they've got photos of the 'Stein bollard'
  10. Perhaps this will be of use Vibram.info
  11. High Hedges requires at least two evergreen or semi-evergreen trees next to eachother which are then blocking significant amounts of sunlight from key living areas, but there is no 'law' within it that requires they be taken down, just reduced and maintained to an 'action hedge height' The Prescriptions act 1832 (the closest you'll get to 'right to light') I believe was put together to stop businesses being affected by lack of sunlight in times where there was little in the way of artificial light. For example if someone had a loom by a window and a neighbour came along and built in front of said window, blocking out the light. Nonetheless I'm pretty sure it does not apply to trees, unless you put them in last week with a tree-spade Are the trees overhanging the neighbours property? Edit: didn't see 10 bears post
  12. All round very unpleasant Here's the Arbtalk relevant part:
  13. Don't know what everyone's moaning about, we use this to our advantage! We do a fair bit of commercial work where they just want the tree gone, we can't be bothered to cart the wood around most of the time, so we log up, maybe take a few 'prime rib' bits, make a tempting stack of the rest by the roadside and by morning it's all gone - even the real knotty crap. It's brilliant!
  14. We've had three TWs and they all do the same, it happens rarely at seemingly random times and usually on big lumps. When it happens the rollers continue to turn but very, very slowly. We've just put it down to an electrical issue and dealt with it, or as above when we reverse to fix the issue it usually brings up big lumps from under the lower roller - probably something to do with that. What gets me is when it's almost finished chewing a big lump and the last 'disc' shaped bit folds in at an angle the moment after the no-stress has already stopped the rollers, creating lots of noise and smoke as the engine battles to regain revs with a lump pressed against the anvil - especially annoying on a petrol TW where there's barely enough torque produced to pick the speed up to cancel the 'pause'. A simple reverse-button override during the no-stress pause would fix this.
  15. I think they're fine, it'll be down to the rubber compound in the sole and as said above Vibram aren't the grippiest out there. The hard compound is good though because they don't wear out as readily.


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