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  1. Try Mark M & H arb services 07766 056148
  2. Cheers, that’s what I was expecting. Currently using an 8x5 tipping trailer. That tows the machine fine but a bit of a faff with the attachments. Have limited storage so trying to avoid having two trailers if the bigger tipper could do the job.
  3. Does anyone know if you can fit an avant 528 with pallet forks/grab still attached onto a 10x5 tipping trailer and how well balanced it sits?
  4. This is a great resource Steve. How do I get the contact details for the place near Newent (GL18) in the above screen shot please?
  5. Yes. It was a pdf I uploaded.
  6. I think I had a similar problem the other day. Try adding the description of the file before uploading it
  7. Blackpole recycling take green waste they're in Worcester. There's a place in Stoke Prior near Bromsgrove aswell that you can tip of commercial waste
  8. Called about booking a test recently and was told you now have to complete a health and safety training day as well as the screen test before the card is issued. Cost of training day was £160
  9. Only get it out for biggish trees. Usually take it off once the main ascent has been done. Often find it helpful to have my groundie put some tension on the rope especially for the first few metres.
  10. So then, a couple of years on here are a couple of pics of the oak tree. Tree has put on a bit of growth and doesn't appear too stressed, Not much change with the fruiting bodies at the base, but haven't done a detailed investigation. No plans as yet for the next phase of pruning.....
  11. TO THE TREES! - Robin hood Prince of thieves.


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