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  1. French Election

    so then don't complain about the spread of extremist saudi funded extremist Islam! Your right that our lifestyle has been made quite good by this arrangement with the extremists. Quadafi and Hussein were a lot of things but extremist islamists they were not. The Saudis are. Imagine that in the 60s mini skirts were worn in Jeddah! We are complicit in the repression of these people. but it has worked out well for us for the most part, aside from a few terrorist attacks here and there.
  2. French Election

    and your post sums up my point precisesly. of course there are brutal bits of history everywhere. but the whole line of this thread is that muslims are somehow by nature worse humans than others. and should be weeded out. I live in a community in the states with a large population of people from the middle east. I am glad they are here. they are customers, friends, and they make this place better. My perspective only but I do feel obligated to say something when I hear things that would marginalize my neighbors. There is a lot of this conversation here as well. Our president was elected in large part by citing fear against my neighbors.
  3. French Election

    lol. thanks! for what its worth, I dont think we can as a society (im american and so the perspective is a bit different) prop up a wahibist extremist cult in saudi arabia to protect our oil supply, fund the taliban and give them a **** ton of weapons to fight the communists and then complain about the very extremists we have helped cultivate. keep your hands out of other peoples pockets or dont be suprised when they turn around and punch you in the mouth.
  4. French Election

    100 years of consciously planned division in the Middle East | MO* you reap what you sow. you make your own bed. We have been propping up an extremist cult regime in saudi in order to have energy security. This article is a good read. Its about the middle east but also applies to pakistan. The brits used caste and religious divisions to their advantage to rule the sub continent. Pakistan was dreamed up over a lunch break and millions died in the ensuing chaos. never has recovered. Like, what do you think would happen if someone were to arbitrarily draw up a new country in the north of ireland based on religion? people would get pissed and start throwing bombs right?
  5. Homemade Charcoal

  6. French Election

    Hmm all those places have in common a long history of the british and others (russians, americans...) wandering around over there ******* around drawing borders and ripping off all the valuables? maybe that has something to do with a bit of anger? Maybe not.
  7. Rope Wrench and CE marking

    i have simarghu tethers on my wrenches. for what its worth...
  8. YOUR Election Manifesto.....?

    i love this idea. there has got to be a way yo set that up. i wonder how it would chanve things. it might throw off the whole balance of things.
  9. YOUR Election Manifesto.....?

    ah, sadly your probably right. it was the winning formula in our election over here and may well be in france as well today. mainly because of voters well below the 100 IQ mark however.
  10. YOUR Election Manifesto.....?

    Ha! you pie eaters should have thought of that before spending the last four centuries colonizing and exporting your oh so refined culture over 3/4 of the globe.... what goes around comes around... or you reap what you sow... or something like that. anglosphere my ass. get a life bro.
  11. RW and Zigzag

    the wrench would have to weigh several pounds for that to be an issue I beleive.
  12. SRT devices.

    One of the side effects of this may be a reevaluation of the figure eight for use in tree climbing systems. Currently eights, if they are certified are certified under ce 795 for anchors, or 12278 for pulleys. There is no specific CE for friction brakes as far as I have found. I am curious to see how the industry reacts to not being able to descend from a standard footlock.
  13. rig n wrench

    16 strand 1/2 inch rope seems to be the best I have found. Really play around with double whipping the larger pieces. I have done over 500 lbs in a double whip situation. For the small pieces They don't come down with out a little assistance, but that is good as you don't need a groundie at all, just cut it and then push it down the tree.
  14. CE standard for figure eight device

    Can someone please help me out? I am looking for the CE certification standard that figure eights are tested to for CE certification other than to the standard for a simple "ring". I can't seem to find it anywhere. Is there one? I am sure there must be one because it is commonly sold to tree climbers by retailers to descend off their foot locking line correct? I am sure I have seen germans using figure eights in competition and they would never use something that doesn't have an appropriate standard right?
  15. Rope Runner


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