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  1. Morning david...... Nahhhh you know im more of a ginsters man lol We had a beech limb to clean up and we spotted it close by, ive started to take my camera in to work more now so hopefully spot some more species on the estate
  2. Havnt been on here for ages and spotted this Laetiporus sulphureus - chicken of the woods at work so banged out a couple of pics...hope its in the rite part of the forum
  3. nice one Graham, cheers for sorting the venue, we had a special guest appearance from tony aka hamadryed, didnt get a pic, he was gone and off looking at fungi by the time i got the camera out i did get some pics but mostly footage so heres the few i did get and ill screenshot some from the video clips when i transfer it all
  4. mmmmmmmmmmm ginsters if you wernt so ugly mick id shag ya
  5. weather looks perfect, heres the postcode for the meet - Egerton church, chapel lane, Egerton, Ashford TN279BX any issues getting there give us a ring, mick and i will be on site from about 10:30ish 07756 152583:thumbup1:
  6. thought id give this a bump seeing as its on today anyone fancy coming down to Egerton church near ashford for a reccy climb or even just for a cuppa
  7. Nice one, will see ya then fella
  8. 10 sounds better matee:thumbup1:
  9. ill be there in the morning with the old git mick...mines tea with 1 sugar
  10. spoke to ben and he might be able to make it as well, ill tagg a few people on facebook as well:thumbup1:
  11. 18th is perfect for me, anybody else fancy coming along!!!
  12. sounds good fella:thumbup1:
  13. blimey mick, venue sorted with tea making facilities and local, can we do a shoot while were there:sneaky2:
  14. i used to work at fr jones and every machine that comes into the shop has to be run before its sold. i use the 2nd generation of 560xp...never had an issue, awesome saw:thumbup1:
  15. plippy

    my APF footage

    im filming another one in november with about 10chicks but no bubbles on this one but ill be sure to put it in here for ya
  16. ooooh sounds good, ill get on bolam's case, will have to bring my climbing gear out of retirement any newbies on here ya know local to us
  17. now your old mick your probably gona need one of these to get about:lol:
  18. ahh those wer the days lol shooting with my special uncle mick:lol:


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