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  1. Is this rope dB or braided core kernmantle? The 11mm one
  2. I use a sewing awl to make the hole for the needle you could also use a fine marlin spike
  3. mine too. tuning makes a huge difference
  4. And they they keep trying to nick bits of my kit as pay back
  5. Me too. In the wet I always put my other hand on the rope below the lj as its way smoother. I agree put your hand on top for decents as i feel you have more control.
  6. 12-13mm on Imori and my clutch wears less than with Yale fire
  7. Ive had them both and I prefer the Stein. More comfey and lighter. The petzl cant take as much abuse as the Stein. The only downside for me with the Stein is you have to rinse/wash the interior of your lid more often but I dont think its that bad of a thing to do.
  8. I use these. Thought it was a con at first but now Im a believer. Under Armour Men's ColdGear - Baselayer Just looked through and there was a few more to choose from
  9. Does anyone know where I can get a workshop manual for a MS201t Cheers in advance Ben
  10. I take my two boys climbing and have done for a while. I started them off on a prussic ( which they struggled with) then moved through the hitches until the knut on a HC which worked the best for them. How I do it is climb up with them to reach their final anchor then branck walk maybe drop through a fork then they have a swing before terra firma.


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