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  1. Cheers for that Stu, Probably looking at getting myself a Helko Vario 2000.
  2. Thanks for all the advice lads. I have got a load of dead elm to go through and it was taking me a long time to get through one log with a axe and splitting wedges. My splitting axe is just a cheapo one so I think what I will do is buy a decent splitting axe and a couple more splitting wedges. If I do decide to start selling firewood it would just be to family and friends so maybe a log splitter is a bit over kill. Any advise on a good axe? Cheers Stevie Hope everyone is having a relaxing easter!
  3. Yeah been having a look around now and will need to re think my budget. Cheers for the advice
  4. Looking for advice on a petrol driven Hydraulic log splitter probably a 5 - 8 tonne. Budget from 300 - 400 quid. Will be mainly used for home use but may get used for selling wood in the future. Cheers Stevie
  5. If you done the reduction a couple of weeks back then surely you would know if it has a TPO? Pretty stupid of the landlord and I hope you grass them in!
  6. No Robert there was no messy sheets! The strangest part of the dream was me wanting a scone with clotted cream, I can't stand clotted cream!
  7. The reason for this is! I had a dream last night where is was on one of Hama's wooded wonderland walks, got lost and had to phone Mick Stockbridge!!!! Then took Mick to a local estate because there was a good lake for fishing on it but when we got there the laird wouldn't let us fish because he couldn't understand what Mick was saying to him! Sorry Hama & Mick for dreaming about you nothing kinky happened I promise you!
  8. Call them, better to waist there time than get a fine! As far as I am aware you need to get permission to do any tree work unless its dead, dying or diseased. But I let other people deal with that side of things I just turn up and do the work!
  9. Did it take you long to think of a name? My dog doesn't like loud noises so she stays at home.
  10. Mine have lasted well except it will be the third time the crouch will need to be sewn up.
  11. Why did you edit your last comment?? Do you not like woman in bikinis??


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