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  1. TW 190 parts

    Hi Timb All the part numbers you require will be within your machine manual and can be purchased through any authorised Timberwolf dealer. If you do not have the manual you can download one from the Timberwolf website. Hope this helps
  2. Engine oil

    Hello Hamdogg Engine oil is 10W-30 Hydraulic oil is VG32 Hope this helps
  3. buying TW125 age/price?

    Hi Josh, Thanks for your message. Could you please provide your contact number to discuss or feel free to give us a call at +44 (0) 1449765807. Regards/Timberwolf

    <p>Hi, we have a timberwolf 150 at work and the rollers have a constant gap between them, roughly 1-inch. We have re-greased, checked springs and also checked to see if anything has stuck in them.</p>

    <p>Can you think of any reasons and possibly any ways to fix this?</p>

    <p>Thanks in advance!</p>


  5. Entec 25ph

    Hello Dan The no stress unit is not adjustable, The issue you describe could be either a mechanical or hydraulic issue, e.g. roller spline drive worn or a hydraulic component failure. Any authorised Timberwolf dealer will be able to diagnose and correct the problem is for you, your nearest dealer can be found on the Timberwolf website Hope this assists
  6. TW230 feed roller problems and hydraulic oil

    Hello Neil I would suggest involving an authorised Timberwolf dealership or auto electrician to check the circuitry on the roller issue. A manual has been emailed to you, hope its useful. 32 grade hydraulic oil is used on your machine.
  7. 150 feed rollers

    Hello Hamdogg I would suggest giving Timberwolf's Technical line a call on 01449 765820 they will be able to assist. Alternatively any authorised Timberwolf dealer can help you. Hope this helps
  8. En Tec 30DH Anvil

    Hello Bolla Both the roller blades and the anvil can be replaced without disturbing the rotor bearings. You will have to remove the funnel and roller box in order to get to the parts. Any of our authorised Timberwolf dealerships can undertake this work for you and details of your nearest dealer can be found on our website http://www.timberwolf-uk com Hope this assists:thumbup1:
  9. chipper hydraulic oil

    Hi Chris About 13 litres of Grade VG32 hydraulic oil Hope this helps
  10. 125 ph Not starting.

    Hello actionad The engine will have its own integral fuse within the engine unit which may be the problem. Best route for you is to call Timberwolf's engine supplier for assistance. Universal Engines are the people to call and you can get them on 0844 2092514 Hope this helps
  11. Bubbles in coolant but passes exhaust gas test?

    Hi Michael The best people to advise you on this issue is probably the original Kubota engine supplier to Entec. Universal Engine who originally supplied the engine have a service support line on 08442092514 give them a call and they should be able to help. Good Luck
  12. Damage to rotor bearings/ shaft

    Hello Dom The photos appear to show the nose shaft has not been fitted square which has damaged the rotor disc. It is likely that the only person who would have known of this damage is the person who fitted the nose shaft as it would be hidden once the nose shaft is pressed fully home. The selling dealer would not have known of this damage unless they fitted the nose shaft themselves. I would suggest contacting the dealer and ask if they changed the nose shaft prior to sale. Hope this assists
  13. Pump failed ?

    Hi Sam As per our phone conversation, its likely the bearing support gear has failed. Once the cause is determined your local Authorised Timberwolf dealer should be able to supply the part to get you up and running again Hope our discussion helped
  14. entec ch18/tw 125 axle

    Hi NoRush Most of the older chippers were fitted with Bradley axles which we have not stocked for many years, Bradley axle can be sourced through Anglia Towing Equipment on 01206 795949 Alternatively try your nearest Authorised Timberwolf dealer for advice? they should be able to identify and source a replacement for you. Details of your nearest dealer can be found on the Timberwolf website.
  15. TW125 2001 Stress control

    Hello If the forward feed rollers turn at any rpm it would suggest either a fault with the no stress box or the wiring through the forward latch circuit is shorting to ground. On older machines such as yours it may be one of the directional valve coils has corroded and no longer insulated from ground at that point. I suggest the machine wiring is checked out by an authorised Timberwolf dealer or Auto electrician as soon as possible. Hope this helps


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