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  1. having read all these comments...... does anyone know where i can i hire a short bloke for a quick photo shoot...... my 'bulk bags' look far bigger when compared to a dwarf
  2. did your engine originally have the laminated gasket? this was introduced with a stronger sump which in turn allowed higher torque angles after initial problems with the k series engine, as you probably know the head bolts tighten in to the sump, the head gasket should be replaced with like for like & new bolts always fitted, this isnt made very clear unfortunately! you can tell from the engine number which gasket should be fitted! i would keep away from radweld etc unless you have a visible leak!! good luck!
  3. this is more to do with weight distribution...... if you have loads of weight at the back or front of the vehicle you will be overweight on axle weight but not on gross vehicle weight... does that make sense??!!
  4. robbo 110

    danarm help

    can anyone identify this saw?? has loads of compression,,, will try & get it running when i get a chance
  5. robinia is really slow to dry i have found, id like to hear more views on this though!!
  6. you need to get your battery 'drop' tested,this tests the battery under load, local garage will be able to do this, the battery needs to hold over 9 volts whilst under load, if this is ok then look at possible alternater probs, always start with the most 'consumable' item... the battery in this case!! may be worth checking the water level of the battery if it isnt sealed, if your unsure on this get the garage to do it, battery's contain acid & give off highly explosive gases whilst being charged!!
  7. if it's only occasional use, you cant go wrong with the older big stihls, 051 - 076 they are readily available second hand, parts are no problem, a big saw running a smaller bar has to better than a small saw running a big bar??
  8. ive got a husky 61 that has no bar or chain, but otherwise complete, was running ok 12 months ago, been in shed ever since, pm me if your interested, wouldnt want much for it!!
  9. big saw for little money?.... stihl 076 reliable & cheap!! not the quickest saw but def worth considering
  10. im in the midst of building a sprinter dropside with an 025 hiab, the crane has no support legs, has anyone else built or used anything similar? my two options are build hydraulic support legs or fabricate some outriggers using heavy duty 'wind down' prop stands, the ones i have seen only have a swl of 500kg, the crane is capable of picking up 1000kg @ 1 metre reach.... although the crane is unlikely to be used at it's limit im unsure if the prop stands will be strong enough? any ideas welcome!!!
  11. you could try this fella.... Woodland Centre South of England Show
  12. a sensitive topic, someone has lost his life in circumstances we an only speculate on...... have you got nothing better to do??
  13. not splitting hairs or anything but looks like an 'x' reg to me!!!!
  14. sounds impressive but it still wont show all ignition related problems... will it?


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