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    nightclubbing,boys,touch rugby,netball.
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  1. Can a lockjack or a spiderjack be used for srt,at all?
  2. After viewing the Climbing accident pics thread,I will be packing a wound dressing from now on. http://arbtalk.co.uk/forum/general-chat/11429-accident-pictures.html
  3. I couldnt help noticing how RIPPED you were looking.
  4. minty

    Footlock record

    It wont be long now, before the girls are whipping the boys asses:001_tongue:
  5. thats terrible Rik,best wishes. You know what you have got to do. Watch this http://arbtalk.co.uk/forum/general-chat/9594-my-warm-up-before-i-start-work.html
  6. I have only jus begun to practice on a v.t. and H.C. my rope is yale XTC Plus my split-tale is 8mm Ice Im not recommending this cos I have only tried it out at low level so far. I want to try armour prussic or tenex too.Im on Maternity break now and I dont know when I will climb again. My goal now is 100 posts,thats why Ive bin making lotsa silly comments lately,did ya notice.
  7. There has been much discussion about this over many threads.I think that it deserves its own thread(or update). So from your experience.Share what youve found that combines well.
  8. That must have been a relief,Im sure.
  9. I wouldnt be warm enough.It might just be sufficent for tackling the paperwork.
  10. Into being the best Wife,Mum and Homemaker that I can be.
  11. surely the cops could have arrested the fall,or they could have sent for the Special Branch.


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