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  1. give TEP a call mate Arboricultural Consultant | TEP | Arbjobs.com find Arb jobs / Tree work just about commutable for you
  2. as heavy as i was willing to go
  3. In the walled garden section if i remember rightly. If you go through the courtyard where the cafes ect are, turn left after the playground and walk until you reach the entrance to the walled garden. I THINK they're there on the right as you walk in. They're definately around that area anyway
  4. there's a couple in haigh hall mate. in wigan. only littluns tho
  5. Hiya, Ive had nearly five years now workin in arb and two at college. Started off labouring for a year or so before doing a level 4 qual then climbing. One of the reasons i decided to take up tree work is to avoid the office and Im most at home doing physically hard outdoor work. I love everything about it, the smell, the buzz, the banter, the bruises.....trees. Six months ago though i took a surveying/trainee consultant role with a respected firm. The works interesting, the people are sound and im learning loads. BUT, im missing the contracting side like mad and Im dying to get back in the harness. Really dont think im cut out for the office environment, i get very restless and finding it really difficult to adjust. Would it be foolish to give up a good, secure, professional job with prospects to do the work I really love in a time when jobs are few and competition is huge? Should i just stop my moaning, be grateful im in work and get on with it? Am i denying someone whos more suited to a consultants role the opportunity? Im just really missing coming home knackered, covered in saw dust and sweat. Before you mention it, I know my employer and colleagues dont use this forum. Thanks
  6. Hamadryad/Monkey D and others I went for an interview with an environmental consultantcy firm this morning for a surveying/inspection job which involved a decay fungi ident test. Having been a groundie/climber for a few years I have seen my fair share of decay fungi and its effects but there are alot that I have never encountered. Im sure youll agree that tree pathology is a subject best mastered through first hand observation and seeing things in the flesh but for the sake of the interview I had to familiarise myself with appearance and significance of many species that I dont know (S.crispa/R.ulmarius/G.lucidum for example- before last weekend I wouldnt have had a clue). A few 'obscure' species came up in the test but I breezed it. How? well I resisted the lure of Bolton Beer Festival this weekend and stayed in, trawling through threads such as this and 'Tis the season..' and the directory and I learned a massive amount. Anyway if it turns out I get offered the job I owe you both a pint. I love your enthusiasm and dedication to spending time sharing your expeiences with the rest of us. You should get a book together, Id buy it. Bit of a long winded way of saying thanks.
  7. Thankyou. Yeh the gear was all secured essex. Hefty padlocks on a steel box inside shipping container, perimeter fence. They came in with some kind of gas axe and blew off all the locks. Knew what they were doin.
  8. yep, its sickening. The kit belonged to preston council. Im just gutted ive been busted down to epicormic duty until theyre replaced/found.
  9. Lifted from the yard in preston over the weekend was: 3 x MS 200T (one brand new) 2 x MS 026 (one a month old) 2 x MS 046 1 x MS 88 1 back pack blower 1 hand held blower loads of new chains and files 2 gerry cans of diesel 2 full climbing kits (one brand new, cresto belts, yale ropes) 2 combi cans for good measure All the tools were marked with 'PBC' or 'PCC' with numbers A bit of a long shot but if anyone gets wind of anything dodgy then a pm would be much appreciated thanks
  10. piecing down a row of 50ft leylandii yesterday that were shading out two greenhouses. distracted all afternoon by a group of 8 year olds next door hurling abuse at me. SMASH. no more greenhouse.
  11. the plan was for a sun/bowl. the result was an octopus/ashtray. just a normal bar mate on my 020. whats the crack with carving bars? where can u get hold of them/what are they like to use and do you just run a normal chain on them?


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