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  1. Bargain circular sawmill on ebay

    It also came with a brand new never used trailer package.
  2. Bargain circular sawmill on ebay

    I know the part of the history of this machine. It was located in Kent when sold earlier this year. It had only a couple of hours on the clock when I had a go on it. It was purchased back in the early nineties by a local man how was intending to build a house with it but became ill. It sat for many years under cover and tarped in the shed in the pictures on the listing as these are from its original sale. Great saw very simple but effective for dimensional timber. It sold on ebay earlier this year for just under 10k. I hope who ever it this time, that it works out as it's practically brand new.
  3. If possible leave the structure ie branches or pegs on as it will stop it rolling. Straight down from a re-direct will be better as it will follow the cable and use the bottom pulley on the winch it makes the nose dig in more. Across the slope means more chance of rolling IMO.
  4. <p>Matt thanks for the work the other day. James</p>

  5. 'Clever' business names

    Seen a skip company called Speedy Gone Garbage and a chip shop called The Cod Father…!
  6. How to hollow out a tree trunk

    Wow wisewood thats fantastic can't see the joins from the milling. The logs needs to be 2 possibly 3 meters so long could go bigger diameter and its for a landscape job. Can you get a high capacity gouge bit to attach to a long chainsaw bar?
  7. I have a possible project and need to hollow out a 80 cm diameter log. I guess it needs to be split in half first and then remove the wood any ideas that would help i.e. methods or tools.
  8. Stein phantom boots

    Had them for six month had Haix for years before. So far very happy with them, no problems of any type. Dry, warm and hard wearing and still look newish.
  9. oak for natural play areas

    PM sent Wildwoodman.
  10. Stihl ms 150t poor build quality ?

  11. Stihl ms 150t poor build quality ?

    Mine has had to go back for a total rebuild and new engine after a a 60ft drop on to the road the clip popped out as i pulled it up not even stuck and on a bungee. Poor is an understatement for a pro saw.
  12. uniforest winch ! ?

    I have one which i have worked hard for 2 years and its very good. Get the highest spec you can afford as i cuts down on labour costs I have the 85h model with remote control ( makes a good winch a great winch) didn't get the hydraulic feed which is a mistake as it gets rid of all the cable lay problems because it always puts the cable on the drum under pressure so no kinks or overlaps which as the cable gets older breaks your heart. The bits you choke your chain to are a weakness but i think its the same on most. If i was you i would have a good look at Uniforest, Krapen which looks strong and i like the hinged butt plate and BGU which has a good starting spec.
  13. Pros and Cons of Botex trailer

    Been thinking for a while that a possible route was to get a dedicated forestry trailer minus crane but with brakes and steering draw bar and stitching a crane like these on.
  14. Pros and Cons of Botex trailer

    Thanks Garth can you pm me your phone number
  15. I can help 07719427997 I am in Kent.


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