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  1. No grog here. We've not all benefited from her majesty's education quite like we should've. If you see a bollox post by me, give me a WTF and I'll do it long ways. I'll spare us a wall of text on the egg 😂
  2. Blood transfusion required? I just googled curate's egg. US definition obviously cannot account for irony I was referring to your news feeds being like rotten eggs! All news is bad except when it's the other side that takes a prat fall. Then it's good in parts, no?
  3. Glad es, not drowned in yon hot tub yet! Keep on at the curate's eggs
  4. Agreed. Investigative reporting is dead. But I'm learning to like it's replacement
  5. The admin class will emigrate before us grunts start anything
  6. Munira Mirza is very good How a fringe sect from the 1980s influenced No 10's attitude to racism | Evan Smith | Opinion | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM Munira Mirza is in charge of the UK’s inequality commission. But her past comments do not inspire confidence, says...
  7. Revealed: US Oil Billionaire Charles Koch Funds UK Anti-Environment WWW.DESMOG.CO.UK For years, people have speculated about who is behind a shadowy group of well-connected ‘free speech advocates’...
  8. Communist Rules for Revolution Found By Allied Forces in... WWW.TRUTHORFICTION.COM The Communist Rules for Revolution date back to at least the 1940s, but there's never been any proof to support claims... 1. Youth rebellion 2. Politics as media by other means 3. Footy 4. divide and rule 5. prove gov incompetence etc
  9. only for entertaiment's sake
  10. Forget America. Unless you like chlorinated chicken and president endorsed anti-malaria drugs. It's the UK that matters. Little Dom is advising Boris to enlist ex-Revolutionary Communist Party radicals to bolster the Tories. Check out spiked-online, part funded by Koch!
  11. Applause for side-stepping the invite for agreement over a dodgy opinion piece from a far right yank rag. You could also counter it by showing that 6 of the 10 Communist Rules for Revolution have currently been ticked off. An equally dubious source but entertaining for some no doubt 😑
  12. You in your happy place yet? 😂
  13. In Scotland, without size measurements, rocky ground, I'd say 57 years each 😄
  14. Never mind history. What's new in the news? Flipping hot, I say


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