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  1. Sutton

    Fly Tipping

    Our hunt kennels charges £25 each. Massive tangent but what is on the left? Bark looks chestnut but dead leaves in foreground look Acer or Plane. No worries if not known.
  2. True. I simply meant some elites are worth more than celebrity status and inspiring star attraction than most of the rest. A culture minister should know that. If the aussie state's harsh measures are deemed necessary in a country the size of the EU and a pop of less than Belgium and Holland combined, then who am I to disagree?
  3. There's a feeble joke in this about their convict history but what the authorities have done to this sportsman is no laughing matter at all!
  4. Is it you who has sheep? I ask because we are lambing in March. I have permanent pins and needles in my right hand from 2 stroke engine vibes. Takes a while but use left hand for most dexterous demanding tasks now. Good luck.
  5. Sutton


    There was a young vampire called Mabel, Whose periods were exceptionally stable, By the light of the moon, With the aid of a spoon, She drunk herself under the table.
  6. Yep. Completely agree with you but her Majesty (not the rest of the firm) is PLC not private incorporated, a figurehead at the front of the ship, a cherry on the cake, a star on the Xmas tree. A royal has one job to stay and remain, mainly to see things being done never to actually do anything. So tourist profit and theme park attraction stuff is secondary and no basis for republican argument. IMO
  7. I was chatting about this with my labourer a couple of months ago as he was towing the net gain line. We made made some wild assumptions and fag packet calculations but came to the conclusion that if any company was gifted the kind of land and infrastructure that they have, they would be pretty disappointed with the gains. Say again? For all they have and enjoy possession of, they don't do anything with it or make it work harder for better returns? Other than the Duchy of Cornwall being organic food based landlord is any other royal in trade?
  8. Sutton


    Some of us are fixtured
  9. Riding crops without jodhpurs anyone?
  10. Not to worry. Its probably my granddaughters AV security settings or something but I can't see it.
  11. Then that's white diesel IMO (humble) same as for hire/reward. Because I leave logs on site and get a truck to collect I use red. I could be wrong thats why I ask And obvsly if new changes coming then ... well, ????????
  12. Not on facebook so can't see it
  13. So are you taking logs back to your yard? Hauling your goods or reward for somone else's?
  14. Interesting Posts from Eddie and Bob. I'll say what we do (on a much smaller scale than before) regarding tractor road usage traveling for work in forestry. When I set out from the yard to work in harvesting/forwarding then IMO rebated fuel is OK. If I return by road without logs I'm OK. But if haul timber using rebated fuel then I'm non-compliant and could be fined. I can't speak for those whose business is in residential or municipal (e.g. roadside verges and parks etc) If you believe I'm wrong, please say


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