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  1. Anyone interested in doing a job in Aberdeen for a mate of mine? My mate works for a large company and they have a tree with a branch which overhangs a neighboring property and they want the branch removed. I know it is a bit vague but let me know if you're interested and I'll pass your details on. Thanks
  2. Hi, Does anyone know where I can get an operators manual and a parts manual for a John Deere Roberine 1203 cylinder mower? Thanks
  3. Palisade, Vmex panels (standard or prison type), weld mesh or expanded mesh are all options.
  4. Keep checking with local companies/local authorites and something will pop up. I started climbing at 36 and had 10 great years before the opertunitiy came along to move onto something else. I was fortunate to meet a guy, when I started, who worked all over the UK which gave me fantastic experience, we even worked in London zoo, which was great fun. Good luck
  5. Used one a couple of times a few years ago, mighty impressive. Probably did the work of five men! If I had the money at the time I'd have bought one.
  6. If they have not been cut then leave them alone. If they are pressure treated then that provides the seal. I would imagine that the posts may have been kiln dried prior to pressure treating. If the ends have been cut then an annual treatment with creosote (proper stuff, not the type sold in the DIY sheds) will give the best protection.
  7. Always used these, no real problems if you know how to use them. https://www.clarkforest.com/shop/forest-garden/felling-wedges/high-lift-wedges
  8. Don't know if this is a step in the right direction!!
  9. McVeigh Parker sell these interlocking plastic pavers and will be cheaper than the figures on here.
  10. I've got real heavy ones think they are between 4 -5m. I'll measure tomorrow and let you know if you're still interested.
  11. Great video and a professional job. You were asked to do the job on the back of a report, what's to shout about.
  12. Always used a 14" on my 200t and don't see any reason to change but I'm probably "old school"!!
  13. What size of poles are you looking for?
  14. Aye Jake, chimney sweeping was child play back in them days:biggrin:


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