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  1. phirow

    Bad tree work

    Needs to save their cup nice MUG TREE🤑
  2. Is there xmas raffle

    1. Steve Bullman

      Steve Bullman

      Not this year mate, sorry

  3. Ripple Sycamore is used for guitar and violin cases. Also used in butchery the rhizomes act as a disinfectant
  4. Why are people talking about Scotland and Ireland having independence. The vote was for the UK as a whole not for REGIONS??? So like myself who voted to stay just get on with it. The trouble with the EEC in this country ''UK'' is the BLOODY bureaucrats in local councils, how! and what! can they blame now for their inept way of running thing and to save ''money'', I can just see them now running round like headless chickens. They really cannot stop any of us working now because they cannot blame Brussels!!!!
  5. phirow

    Written quotes

    Write everything you are asked to quote for, then add 10%. Below the quote, ALL ESTIMATES ARE REVIEWED EVERY THREE MONTH or what ever date you want. Then at the bottom of the estimate:- Terms & condition of Payment:- All goods remain the property of ----------------name of company--------- until paid in full. Cash/cheque on completion/collection/delivery of goods/services. *Account customers strictly 28 days from date of invoice or a late payment charge shall be Charged at 1% per days.* *Cash customers strictly 7 days from date of invoice or a late payment charge shall be charged at 1% per day Cheques Payable to Name. This has worked well for me:thumbup:
  6. You are too old when the last nail in your coffin goes in
  7. Hi PM me I have just reached a time of life where it hurts up the tree I am thinking of selling my gear. Harness,ropes lowering gear with bull rope.
  8. phirow

    Ford Ranger

    Good motor 148000 on mine 09 plate. Good point if the cam belt goes 09 onwards the engine design is for it NOT TO CLATTER. Mine went in France only cost the belt kit and it is the easiest I have ever fitted ( ex motor mechanic) Bad point the gearbox tends to drop out of top gear when accelerating I have had two they both did it and friend has one, his started doing it. All I do is on long journeys is stick my knee behind the gear lever.
  9. phirow

    Hedge cutting

    Forget DEFRA their rules only apply to the landowners in the ''scheme''. Refer to 1997 HEDGEROW REGULATIONS WHICH REFER TO THE COUNTRYSIDE & RIGHTS OF WAY ACT. The act states that if you go out with INTENT TO DESTROY!!!!! Yes you are right you can cut along a PUBLIC HIGHWAY/PATH ALL YEAR ROUND but surely the owner of the hedge can wait till the end of June/July? I have started laying hedgerows in August. I have also pointed out to the council bodies and the twitchers the above acts, they then tend to back off. BUT PLEASE WAIT WHILE THE MAIN NESTING SEASON HAS ENDED THANKS FOR THE BIRTHDAY WISHERS:blushing:
  10. Hi Steve. This is what I get when logging in. Full page this is where you login. Click on home then everything OK. I have cleared cache. The problem is only on google, Invalid Redirect URL (Arbtalk.co.uk)
  11. I now use them for hedgelaying and they work just as good as the Oregon multi cut at around £20


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