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  1. Pommie

    Full Time Climber Required

    Full time climber for small AAA Contractor near Dorking email jamie@myerstrees.co.uk
  2. Pommie

    Trainee/apprentice position

    We are a small AAAC near Dorking Surrey with a vacancy for a Trainee/Apprentice. Please email C.V to jamie@myerstrees.co.uk
  3. Pommie

    Predator stump grinder.

    that a petrol
  4. Pommie

    Driver/ groundsman required

    driver/ groundsman required for small AA approved contractor based in London and Surrey CS 38 desirable PM me for more details Jamie
  5. Pommie

    Timberwolf 150 stress to eager

    Has it got the correct size pulley on the primary shaft, they did two sizes
  6. Pommie

    LOLER inspector in Thames Valley?

    Im in Dorking I can do it if thats close enough
  7. Pommie

    Groundsman/Driver required

    Groundsman driver required for a small AA approved contractor covering West London and Surrey. A CS38 desirable but training can be arranged. PM me for more details
  8. Pommie

    Rg20/25 spares

    Westcon in dorset for spares
  9. Pommie

    Inconsistent LOLER inspections.

    Its all subjective. The point is the kit is inspected by a competent person. Opinion on wear and tear differ. The main issue is in the even of an accident your inspections are scrutinized, this where the the **** can hit the fan. As an inspector myself I take the view that if Im happy to climb on it its safe to pass ( with the exception of modified kit as mentioned in previous posts) Some inspectors can be over zealous especially newly qualified ones or those who have never climbed.
  10. Pommie

    Best Sub 750 KG chipper in 2016

    We ve got a TW230 I love it. As with any newly developed machine there have been teething problems, but I cannot recommend them highly enough
  11. Pommie

    Lister wilder TW230

    Ring Richard @ Winchester Garden Machinery Top service
  12. Pommie

    Lister wilder TW230

    you can use any timberwolf dealer for aftercare. I bought mine from Winchester Garden Machinery last year and they have been brilliant
  13. Pommie

    Conifer ID courses or Keys?

    He cant find it Jaime. Ive asked Keely to nag him for it.
  14. Pommie

    Argiope climbing rope

    It was designed for use with the Zigzag
  15. Pommie

    Argiope climbing rope

    Hi Steve I use this rope with a zigzag, a massive improvement over the Tacyon i had before. It improved the self tending properties hugely
  16. Pommie

    Arb Association Logo Change

    I like it
  17. Pommie

    Stihl 084 exhaust

    I think I have a complete exhaust somewhere, my saw was pinched a couple of weeks ago so its surplus to requirements
  18. Pommie

    Mistletoe hosts...

    it does
  19. Pommie

    Entec 35dh woodchipper engine failure

    Woodleigh power, I bought a complete engine and ancillaries from them last year. great service
  20. Pommie

    Pattern parts

    Looking to replace the piston and barrel on my ms200t. can anyone recommend a pattern part? i have seen Nikasil and Hyway. Or is it a case of just buying original parts
  21. Pommie

    Apprencticeships / Employment Status

    Hi Paul, he would need more than one source of income to be self employed, however the wages for apprentices don't generally qualify for tax. The PAYE system is now very easy as it can be done online and worked out for you, gone are the days of those bloody tax tables
  22. Pommie

    gravely 395 chipper wanted

    Ive got a 944 which is fully operational which could be available, PM me if you re interested
  23. Pommie

    Top handle saw use on the ground

    You can do it if you can justify it through your risk assessment. One handed on the ground is difficult to justify though
  24. Pommie

    Health and safety setup for business

    On the AA website look under the Help for Arborist section there is a stack of documents that will help you
  25. Hi Folks We have a reasonable sized felling job which is being done in 2 parts. I am looking for a site which will take hardwood timber in the High Wycombe/ Beaconsfield area. Phase 1 starts next week, our original site has let us down at the last minute Cheers in advance


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