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  1. I'm looking for some Dolmar parts for a 112 and 111, do you know of anybody?

  2. ah man that sucks, really really do want a 460, wish i had the money for one!
  3. why does that make a difference? not all these customisation ideas are bassed around the hitch, i dont climb on any fancy things, just a prussic, but theres been some cool stuff in this thread. There isnt a set sequence that has to be followed for the customisation of climbing gear..
  4. vapormatic is about the best quality in my opinion, even when brushed on it leaves a really good finish, painted my landy winch bumper with a bush and you can hardly tell it wasnt sprayed
  5. liamjordan

    Ms460 ?

    yeah well not sure about the 362, i have a 361 though and thats an awesome saw, we fall a fair bit of big stuff, and they do well with just an 18" bar
  6. nah i wouldnt use diesel with a lumbermate, it'll perish the belts, we use diesel in the stenner, just plently of water, on wide cuts i have the water on flat out pretty much. oh and i didnt really think those ripper 37's were as great as they say they are, was talking to a woodmizer guy at wilsons demo day and he said that woodmizer do a blade to fit the lumber mate and its supposed to be pretty good, might have to try it sometime
  7. liamjordan

    Ms460 ?

    incredible saws, if i had the money i would have one straight away. a contractor i've done some work with uses them one with an 18" bar and another with a 25" such a nice saw to use
  8. but think of the price of a lumber mate compared to a woodmizer, if you think about it, a lumber mate could be classed as the next step up from a home made band saw, if you look at it that way the tensioning scale isnt that bad. we never seem to have a problem with blades wondering, and we cut big bits of oak (too big for the machine reallt) the only time it wonders is through a big knot or if the blades nackered. when putting a fresh blade on, i normally set the tension at about half, rev it up for a bit, then set it to the correct tension, whether this helps i dont know just a habbit i've got into, i just think it doesn't put unnecessary stress on the blade to begin with, kind of eases it into it.
  9. yeah man its exactly where you have it, the first part of the "plunger" between max and min
  10. im not bothered if they are or arent mods, i know i've got to pay what i have to pay and i would rather pay abit more to have the "mods" covered, so say if i do have an acciedent with the winch and all that on i am still insured because the insurance knows about them, i just dont get how they can make up a figure to add to my premium and in the same letter ask me to detail exactly what modifications have been made that are not factory standard, i cant see how they can make up a price before they know exactly what has been altered
  11. couple of benches i made last year by the river in our field
  12. oh right well this is one of the pictures they received and all the "mods" on my landy dont change the performance but that does make sense about the admin and paper work actually
  13. i know its stupid, but i can see the logic behind it too, i had a head on crash with an car 2 years ago, and because of the winch the car was a right off, luckily my insurance never asked any questions i just really dont get how they make a random figure up...
  14. Alright guys, Just renewed my insurance for next month and the company wanted some pictures of my land rover, so fair enough sent them off and I guessed from the beginning that they would ask about the modifications, but to be honest I dont mind having to pay a little extra knowing im totally covered then. But this is what really annoyed me, I received a letter back asking about the modifications, they now want a detailed list of all the changes, thats fine im happy to do that, but the letter also said that the increased charge would be £101.04, i really cannot see how they can make a figure up like that before they know exactly what modifications are on there?


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