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  1. Hello I'm looking for some work near Nottingham and Newark. I've done a abit of arb and forestry work in the past. Although I haven't done any full time cutting for a year or so I am keen and willing to work. I have cs 30,31 and 38, own ppe and saw, bti and pti tickets, in date forestry first aid. Kind regards James

    <p>Hi jimmylad</p>

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    <p>We are looking for somebody with experience in the UA industry to survey but most of all gain consent from land owners to carry out the work and do the relevant checks with the local authorities. We are based in Doncaster and carry out 80% of our work on the NPG contract in all the Yorkshire area's also Humberside and Lincolnshire. If you would be interested you can drop me a email and arrange a meeting.</p>

    <p>My email is <a href="mailto:" rel="">steve@rvtsltd.co.uk</a> </p>

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    <p>Regards Steve</p>



    <p>Hello Jim</p>

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    <p>I got a message from you the other day in reply to a ad' I put out looking for surveying work. </p>

    <p>To be honest I think I have meet you a few times whilst I was at Glendale. Are you still at Glendale? My name is James Langner and I was working in the south lincs patch for alf, griff and martin. </p>

    <p>If your the same Jim I am thinking (forgive me if not) then you'll know who am working with at the moment. If the job opening you have is with Glendale am not 100% sure in all honesty, their where, or at least I had issues with the pay towards the end.</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>Anyways give us a message back and look after yourself.</p>

    <p> </p>



  4. Hello I am looking to find a new job asap and I am open to various ideas of work within the arb and forestry sector. Currently I'm working as a ua surveyor in the midlands area. I am in the fortunate position that I am able to move very easily and freely (I have no house or kids to worry about) and could start work for a new company in a short period of time. My current tickets are (in no order): pti bti ua1, ua2.1 & ua5 cs30, cs31 & cs38 BSc forestry & arb management ND forestry & arb emfa f+ brushcutter ticket I am mainly looking for jobs which involve surveying as I have had issues with my hands in the past (numerous cortisone injections) so although I can use a saw I can't use one any more at full contract speed in a forestry setting for example. I'm looking for a move to the east of the Pennines however will consider jobs north of Manchester Looking for a company that will respect me and treat me well. J
  5. Hello I am looking for work around the Nottingham area or within a hours drive of newark. I am 31 years old, have my own saw and ppe. I have cs30/31 and 38, along with my brush cutter ticket and emfa f+ first aid. Further I have a strong degree in forestry, and a national diploma in forestry and arb. I have worked as a grounds person and forester for some very well respected northern gangs so I am not completely green (there's always more to learn!). As I'm now in the Midlands I'd love to find a good gang / team to join. I'd very much like to hear from you if you have any work. I'm also more than willing to work away from home on longer trips if required. All the best James langner 07903057918
  6. Hi all Thanks for the replies Kevinjohn' I did a two year ND in forest and arb, and now i've just finished my degree in woodland management. No grades yet but it shouldnt be bad a one (I average either 2:1's or 1st'). As such I didn't have any goals or outcomes from it when I went it to (some may say thats stupid, however how do you know until you try). I did it as I was working and travelling and not getting anywere as such. I wanted to do something I'd love and so ended up with forestry. I wouldnt say it is a pointless qualification - its been great on many accounts and for those who can do the management side of things then great, however as I said am not management material. Tim thats it, I enjoy what I do but I cant see how I can afford to keep on going like this. As you say, you get days when no matter whats going on, the simple joy of being out in a forest (or up a tree) is often enough to please the soul for a bit. Billy I'd rather not mention what I earn. I work hard for what I get and am proud of it however that detail I'd rather not divulge due to respect for my boss. Markieg your right (I hope). Difflock I like your prospective hahaha. I do have some freedom overs are not privileged to however at 30 years old I was probably a little misguided thinking I would be able to live as a sole person. To answer your questions, the student I class as being irrelevant due to how thats paid back. The car is only worth 500 at best. I've gone through all expected income and outgoings and I can only just get it to balance. As to what I am prepared to do, well pretty much anything (within my capabilities). I'd love to continue in forestry if I can. I'll work as much as I can (well as much as the body will allow me to) were I can. Thanks all for the comments however - it is good to get another persons perspective on these things J
  7. Afternoon all Forgive me for writing a rant however I just need to let some steam off. I have just completed the end of five years of studying various arb' and forestry qualifications however am now sat here thinking why did I bother. My problem is that now I have finished and I am working I am finding it simply impossible to progress in life (not my career). I currently work as a laborer (I have basic saw tickets among over tickets/training and awards) and I do love it, however as a single person I can not afford to live. I earn a respectable amount and I am no way complaining at what I earn, however as a single person trying to pay for the rent, bills, fuel and food I will not be able to save any money each year (maybe 500 if the car doesnt breakdown!). I appreciate that money is not the be all and end all but I would one day like to own my own place. I appreciate that if I want to make money I will need to change job and move up into some kind of management job however that is not me. I dont really have the confidence for that. Its crazy, I used to earn more than what I do know working in a sh*t retail job yet doing something I enjoy is pushing me over the financial limit. To be honest am kind of piss*d off that after studying for so long and working my butt off I am in a worse situation financially that I have ever been in. Does anyone else have they worries or joys with life? is anyone else able to live as a sole/single person and still save some money? - if so, how? Anyways thats about it really. Hope your having more joy than me Regards J
  8. Hello Just wondered if anyone works with GIS heavily, especially in a forestry or woodland setting. If so, what do you do, how did you get into it and what parts or simulations/models are you running? I am approaching the end of my degree in forestry and I have developed a interest in gis, mainly arcgis 10, hence my interest and questions. So if any one is there and they wouldn't mind me asking some questions I'd be grateful to hear from you. Regards J
  9. Somethings such as children are a unavoidable distraction however being distracted by random internet based sites are unfortunately down to you. I often find those doing part time studies or distant learning as such do well mainly because you are aware that time is in short supply so it is better spent. It shalln't be easy but I know a fair few who have done very well doing part time or distant studies. Just find a routine that works and keep at it. No idea on internet based course but many academic institutions offer a distance learning program which only involves minimal presence at the uni. Best of luck
  10. Hi Typsey I ended up getting a new samsung series 3 with an i5 (2nd gen'), 6gb of ram and the ability to upgrade to plenty more. Originally the laptop was to run ArcGIS for uni' however, I regret to say I do often run it for pleasure (I'm running out of new/different base maps now). My only excuse for this is that is raining heavily outside so I can't get out and interact with reality at the moment p.s. your right, the more ram the better! hoping to get a ssd fitted once I have some spare cash
  11. Hello all. Firstly forgive me if I have posted this in the wrong section (mod's feel free to relocate this if needed). Briefly I'm looking for a workplacement in forestry to complement my forestry degree I am doing. I'd be looking for work over a duration of 30wks (+?) being involved with various aspects of forestry work. I'm 29 years old, already have a ND in forestry and arb, various basic cs tickets and first aid training. I have experience doing manual work from planting, felling, general arb' work, fencing, surveys, p&d control. Further to this I have experience of ArcGIS and other 'office' based activities needed in forestry. I have a clean driving license and clean CRB (no criminal record). I've emailed a few companies so far but to joy and many I have found you need to be a resident of said country first. I'd love to work in the big plantations but I appreciate size is not everything. Australia, NZ, Canada, America and eastern Europe all seem to draw my attention so work in these countries would be great. Any advice, pointers, leads and such would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards and safe climbing James L
  12. Hello all. Am afraid I'm not the best with computers despite requesting info on GIS. I'm after a laptop to run ArcGIS v10 but I only have around 400 to spend. Can anyone who uses the program advise me on some laptops. I know I'll have to either get a second hand or reconditioned one however this does not bother me. Aside from Arc, all I'd be using the laptop for is watching films, some photo' editing and word/excel programs. No fancy gaming capabilities are needed. I'll need this laptop to last so emphasis would be on build quality however speed to run the required programs is needed. Am I asking to much for to little money? Am afraid my budget is fixed. Kind regards
  13. Thanks for the replys. As to the dilemma Nick and SlackMG present, I think them answers may be beyond me am afraid to say. However if it helps I'd buy you a pint to easy your pain hahahaha Charlieh thats a good point. I'm currently working between my studies on a site with p.ramorum and as such I have developed a interest in it. As to the spread, it does amaze me that crag rats and walkers are still allowed on sites which it's on but I appreciate that the logistics of closing a site down or off to public access is probably beyond practicalities. Here in the lakes its interesting to see what affect the restructuring of various forests will have red squirrels as well. Back to point, there's we have a very good shooter (forgive my lack of technical knowledge in this area) in our gang who does a lot of shooting so he may be able to offer some good points on this as well. If need be I may come back and pick your brains about this as well at a later date if thats ok? Cheers for that guys
  14. Hello all. I'm doing a degree in forestry and its got to the time when I best put ideas for my dissertation together however having become almost jaded by forestry 'management' I'm struggling for ideas. I'm perfectly happy just doing grunt work with a saw and my main interests in forestry aside from grunt work is the wildlife and ecology side of things, but in the real world doing a dissertation on fluffy animals will probably serve no use or be nothing new so any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Does any one know anything about phytophthora coming back on natural regen'? Thanks for your time


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