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    Fisa logo

    Cheers mate. Cant believe I read that page twice and missed it!
  2. RMB68

    Fisa logo

    Evening all Does anyone know if FISA members can use the FISA logo on their websites. I emailed FISA but no reply to date. cheers RMB
  3. RMB68


    Hi Jase Yes thanks. Brocken wire in the loom I was told. Going like a trooper again. RMB
  4. RMB68


    Cheers for that lads👍
  5. Hi Battery on my Greenmech 130 was flat this morning.Jump started it but soon after the rollers stopped intermittengly.Mechanic looked at it and reckoned altenator or reformer broken.Would this problem affect the current going to the no stress and stop the rollers turning. Thanks RMB
  6. Hi all I completed my UA5 (5.1/5.2)in 2015 and I now need to refresh it.Do I need to do both sections again or just 5.1.Ive had conflicting info from a few people.Thanks RMB
  7. Guys What is the fastest cutting chain for my husq 550 with a 13 inch bar? Cheers RMB
  8. Evening all, Pondering about which one of these blowers to buy.Havent had great success with 4 mix engines but know nothing of the Husky model.Any nuggets of wisdom greatly appreciated. RMB
  9. Vanessa Feltz makes me cringe.She is so up herself and uses the self proclaimed moniker"lady V" her early morning radio show.
  10. Hi I bought 700 series greenteeth from QRMS for my bandit HB20 but have yet to use them as the original teeth are still good.Looking for your comments on the QRMS teeth re longevity compared with original ones as I'm hoping to build up a stock of these as and when I can afford them. Thanks RMB
  11. Hi Folks Lost a bolt on my Bandit sidewinder stump grinder today.Its one of the 2 bolts that hold the locking lug mechanism for the slew.Anyone know what spec the bolt is.Dont want to put the wrong one in and knacker the threads. Cheers RMB
  12. Sorry guys,I was a bit vague in my original post.Reducing around. 7 lateral limbs encroaching neighbouring property,taking around 5-6 feet of branch tips.Biggest pruning cut was about 2.5 inches.Thanks for your thoughts.
  13. Hi Guys I have some minor pruning to carry out on a mature oak in full leaf.The area is not affected by the oak wilt beetle.Would be interested to read your thoughts. Cheers RMB:001_smile:
  14. Thanks Tomtop.Anyone have info when they will be available again?
  15. Whats the crack with Stihl long reach hedgetrimmers.They have been unavailable at Honeys and Jones for some time now.Is there a new model due??
  16. A big thank you to Peter and Jase at Greenmech for their prompt reply and advice on my chipper issue today. Service like this is absolutely priceless to a small contracting outfit like ours. Cheers lads!
  17. Hi Looking for some advice. The roller bearings on my 130 make a high pitched metal on metal sqeal intermittently.Its 9 months old with 65 hrs on the clock.Dont want to run it until I know I wont do further damage.Could it be bearings.Its a great wee chipper and this is the first problem ive had.Bought it at Gammies Forfar. Thanks Roy
  18. I bought a new greenmech 130 about 4 months ago with a 1 year warranty.I have since discovered that other people who have bought this machine have longer warranties.Can anyone enlighten me on this.
  19. RMB68


    Probably the Greenmech for the greasable bearings and covered engine.The 125 is allegedly getting a facelift soon but Greenmech narrowly gets the vote.


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