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  1. Just received a competitive quote from Arbinsure after seeing them advertise on here.Anybody dealt with this company before?
  2. I buy my blades,bolts etc from Spectrum Plant.Excellent service!
  3. I found the Echo very heavy so would probably go for the Stihl.Personally i use the Husqvarna PS250 hydraulic pruner which is superb.Unfortunately they discontinued it.
  4. I had mine for over two years before the sole gave up but could'nt find someone who could re-sole them.Where do you get them re-soled?
  5. Meindl Airstreams all the way!
  6. Yeah,i grease the angle box every 16 hours or so.
  7. Cheers mate.That sounds pretty straight forward.I wondered if there was a grease nipple that could be used rather than unscrewing the bolt off everytime.
  8. Hi, Currently i grease the gearbox of my Stihl long reach hedge trimmer with the small tubes of grease sold by Stihl that screw into the housing.Is there an attachment i could buy that would enable me to use a normal grease gun as the current method is expensive?:
  9. Thank for the advice.Much appreciated.
  10. Hi, My new TW125PH chipper is due for its first oil change(2Ohrs).Ordered oil filter from a Timberwolf dealer and when it arrived it was approx. 15cm shorter than the original one.Dealer made some calls and ensured me it was the correct filter.Could you confirm this for me please? Serial no.211130005 A7 Filter supplied 15400-PFB-014 PS.Delighted with the chipper,fantastic machine! Regards RMB68
  11. Hi Tree-Surgeon-Essex. £8500 plus vat sounds like a good price to me.Can you tell me who quoted you that price?
  12. Hi all, First post, so i hope i've posted in the correct forum.Well done Mr.Bullman and co. for creating this fantastic site. Im looking to buy a brand new TW125ph woodchipper in the next few weeks and being Scottish im looking for the cheapest deal available.Distance no object on British mainland. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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