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  1. I had considered that, but the site is only managed on a voluntary basis so arranging for someone to plank it up, then storing it and tidying the sawdust is more hassle than it's worth. The Committee would rather get rid of it. Are there any local companies who might take it for biomass woodchip or even firewood, if it won't go for timber?
  2. Hi Big J, There are about 15 Lawson poles at roughly 50cm DBH and 10-15m length; there are 5 WRC poles at roughly 70cm DBH and 15-20m length; and 6 Larch stems at around 40-50cm DBH and 20m length.
  3. I'm involved with a small-scale felling operation 30 miles north of Stirling, Scotland. The trees comprise Lawson Cypress (10 Ton), Western Red Cedar (15 Ton) and Larch (8 Ton) - weights are approximate. The downside to the felling, is that a couple of us are carrying out this work voluntarily for the Scout Association, so we can only fell the trees over several weekends, which might take a year to complete. I'm looking for someone who might be interested in buying the timber as a lot or in part, but they'd need to transport it off site. The site is adjacent to an old railway line and so is solid and has reasonable access. I would need the timber moved soon after we carry out a weekends felling; therefore, there might be two or three journeys. If anyone is interested or knows someone who might be able to help us out, please reply or PM me.
  4. Can anyone recommend a tracked chipper hire company in the Stirling area. I'm looking to hire a 6-7.5" chipper for a week in July and need it delivering to a site 30 miles north of Stirling. Cheers, Alistair
  5. Hello rck, Could you send me a copy. It looks like a handy little add-on. Thanks, Al
  6. The new disease on the block is Phytophthora lateralis - follow this link to the FCs webpage on it Forestry Commission - News - yorkshire trees hit by new disease Other diseases also affect cypress trees and cause dieback. I think it unlikely cold weather would cause this problem especially given the historic weather patterns experienced in this country and the provinence of many of these species.
  7. Hi, I'm looking for a stump-grinding contractor who can carry out a few days work before Christmas about 30 miles north of Stirling, Perthshire. I'd be grateful for any help. Many thanks, Alistair


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