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  1. do chainsaw trousers offer the same protection against these types of chain???? will it cut the Kevlar stopping the sprocket from jamming??
  2. got mine running a treat now, replaced the piston rings and crank seals, put another carb on and just cleaned up all the connections on the coil and it now runs as new.
  3. well its all back together and clean looks like new :biggrin:fitted with a new carb so hopefully tomorrow when i go to tune it up every thing will be fine. *fingers crossed*
  4. when a customer doesnt clear up the dog muck in the garden and your rope ends up in it or any gear infact
  5. Im having a problem with my ms 200t its running rich at the moment but cuts very well through big bits of wood but when you turn it down it seems to loose all power. Ive got it stripped down at the moment to put a new set of piston rings and crank seals in it, is there any thing else any one can think that i should do wile i have it stripped down or that will sort out the problem of it running rich??? could it be some thing to do with the carburetor???? and does any one have a parts list for the saw mine when when my external hard drive died
  6. no i totally understand what your saying, quality of work is key. every ones happy to put a price it seems
  7. i dont think its daft, some people ive spoken to think they should be on £180 a day climbing and i think you would have to be a pretty quick climber and worker to ask that
  8. I was just wondering what every one thinks there worth on a daily rate giving there experience and tickets!!
  9. i will give them a try Andy, i suppose i could get it on someone else's account i know as long as they have one them selves ill have to check on that
  10. I understand you cant by online any more, is this true??? i live in the ipswich area and am looking to purchase a few more saws any one know of any where with some good deals at the moment??? im after either ms200t 12" with ms200 14" or ms260 15" with ms200t 12"
  11. you must be right or a file wouldnt have any effect on them


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