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  1. hplp

    arb logs chipped

    Hi, Id suggest Justin Kingwell has a machine that would be able to do it. The catch 22 is that it might be cheaper to sell them in the round and then buy in chip than to chip your own. H
  2. Hey, My understanding is that you cant be retrospective in any way but in my prospective its a great way to get the land planted. If your land is of good enough condition, you can push for whatever species you like so long as there is a chance of survival and proper forest establishment. I would say that its up to you whether you would like to clear the existing land before establishing a forest. They will want to clear back brambles and bushes and to put in drains etc to give the new trees the best chance of thriving. Native Woodland Establishment - Teagasc | Agriculture and Food Development Authority WWW.TEAGASC.IE That link gives abit of advice and overview of the native woodland scheme. It might also be a idea to get a forester out to have a look and see what they would suggest. Generally forest establishment costs the landowner nothing. hope that helps, H
  3. Thanks for that Big J. Im away for a week but I'll get in touch when I get back. H
  4. Has anyone come across a place to source good saplings? Id be tempted to plant some on my land! H
  5. Id be interested in this too as I havent had much luck with this. I havent found a decent policy that covers my tools sufficiently as I seem to be accumulating more and more over the years.
  6. Thats a really good clip and educational. Thanks for sharing. H
  7. Whats coming after this? Just wondering why the older one seems to be better??? H
  8. Ive often wondered about this and I have a peterson as well (which I love). From what I can gather the biggest cost in having these old saws is the installation and setup costs. Unless you are doing everything including the wiring yourself it is going to cost just as much again to set something up to working, a cost that there is no way of getting back. By this, I principly mean the groundworks and wiring. This is why mobile mills of any kind still have a resale value. I believe with a stenner, they were made mostly to order so had only limited specified capacity so its a case of looking at what is on offer and measureing each saw. The larger the band saw blade, also the thicker the cut so it might not be much thinner than your peterson as there also can be some flex and blade deflection as it goes through the log. Some big saws are surprisingly inaccurate. Also, get them sharpened by a sawdoctor having a bad day and this is only exaggerated. Any milling involves some pushing or stacking. If you visit some of the largest sawmills in the country, some of them even have guys manually stacking sawn product at the end of the line! Its a physical job regardless of the setup you use....
  9. Yes it was. I believe they have been built down there for a number of years. H
  10. Thats interesting news about stihl. I decided not to take the risk and from what I gather I have bought the second last 395xp that Listers had. H
  11. hplp

    Brash Bales

    My understanding is they bought forwarders and are looking for more sites suitable for brash harvesting.
  12. hplp

    Brash Bales

    Purplexed by the desire for brash bales? AWJ dont use balers any more and generally chip brash straight into the back of a artic.
  13. You can still get modern ones riveted. Ive had motorbike ones done. H
  14. Summed it up perfectly there. Its because of the big capacity of a swing blade mill is why I went that way and you can double saw up to twice the blade cut (18" for a 9" one) but it takes abit of messing about. H
  15. You'll love us if we all post, especially those that dont have a woodmizer!


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