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  1. Eyup. Im looking for a climber to help my brother out whilst im working away for a couple of days a week. Minimum experience can be discussed. Mostly domestic work, must have a good work ethic and turn up on time. Conny bashing to be tolerated but not essential. A good eye for reductions, and safe at dismantling a must. Own van and good raking skills will be a bonus. Please ring/text me day rate to 07854381267 or send me a PM Fred
  2. Tracked chipped and operator wanted for a couple of days in sheffield. Please ring Graham for more info 07930683532. Thanks
  3. As a born and bread Sheffield lad, im appalled that Amey thinks it can get away with removing some of the mature trees that ARE structurally sound and causing no damage to the pavements or roads. I run my own small arb firm in Sheffield, and whilst driving around i see notices on trees on nearly every road where there are decent sized trees or where road works are due to commence. It scares me. One of the reasons is alot of these trees are being removed is due to the fact that Sheffield council are way behind with the management of the street trees. I do feel sorry for the climbers or crew members that do show some animosity towards the felling but have no say as their job is on the line. I know they are doing some good removing the dead or diseased trees that i have seen, big respect, but don't go replacing the felled trees with Birch! As its been said before, its more cost effective to remove the trees and replant then to keep the ongoing maintenance of the trees. Heres to the next 25 years!
  4. I found a old bees nest in a nice big old hollow Ash last year... gave a nice pungent smell off when i went through it
  5. Eyup. Need someone with cscs card for a couple of days cutting and chipping, nothing heavy. Needs cs30/31 and own PPE. Job is in Doncaster but i am based in Sheffield so could meet at site or take you there. Please ring 07854381267 or pm for more details. Thanks Fred
  6. Lucas is relatively the same as CSCS card but for working on the london underground
  7. Fred Pass


    Amen to that. Too many old school ex climbers with big ideas but no respect for the crew or equipment/ lack of equipment
  8. Depends what you feel comfortable with doing bro. If you think your going to slip or cant get your balance to make the cut, dont and get your secondary out. Always go with your first instinct...
  9. Whenever i freelance away for a couple of weeks i either camp or ring a few local bnb's/pub stays and try and haggle them down on price. Works sometimes... Obviously when camping, top notch gear is needed if your staying there for a while!
  10. Eyup andy, were abouts are you in SY? I sometimes need extra hands on the ground. Send us your number via pm dude
  11. If your asking questions like this i don't think your should be climbing... Use your own instinct then nobody can be blamed for your faults
  12. Ye tapatalk has some useful forums on it, but i only really use it for this A* forum as i have broke my laptop 😳


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