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  1. Groundsman looking for work!

    I think every one should be careful with this guy! He will let you down at a moments notice, often at 7am by text! He has not a clue about being reliable. I've given him many oppurtunities and he's let him self and me down every time! Alistair Magee
  2. Check a Trade

    I used it for one year up North about 4 years ago, I was very hopeful to be honest. I paid something like £800-900 up front fees, as I used it, it became clear that the concept was slightly flawed, as I had to give 5 customers of my own to start it going which hadn't come from that advertising, and trying to get people to fill in their detailed report cards was a complete hassle. I can honestly say it didn't work for me, I had more people call trying sell me stuff than genuine customers wanting work done, every time I tried to get it to work for me, I struggled because many of my feed backs were from existing customers and not from Checker trade, so I declined to do another year. I hope others have had better luck with it than I? I'd say you should get a well maintained website going, keep up dating it and using social media. Village magazines, small adverts in little publications and try and remember that despite what you see others doing ( other companies) they have most likely had the same difficulties as you and will continue to do so, just keep trying, it will come right in the end, don't give up! Hope you get sorted.
  3. Gobby punk had an accident p

    Hope you get better soon, maybe you should join Netflix and get the kettle on! take care.
  4. Hello all, I wanted to see if there was any interested parties out there who may want some Timber from a site we are likely to fell near Windsor Berkshire. The timber is a mixture of Oak, Holly, Yew, Sweet Chestnut, Lime and a small amount of softwood. Im either interested in hearing from people who want it and can pick it up in cord length from the site, ( No Cherry picking) It will be free. Another option is just to chip it all! Any one who has a large whole tree chipper and can get rid of the chip too, I appreciate this will not be a free service. The site is perfect for artics, and has some hard standing for processing and removal. I estimate there is approx 60 tone may be a bit more. Thanks, Alistair Magee. 07886028830, message me here on arbtalk.
  5. Putting Pruning in Context

    I personally think this is a good a well written post, I enjoyed the read. Thanks.
  6. Oooo - big One !

    Looks like the tree should have been felled before hand, Good post, Thanks for the upload Khriss. It often amazes me how trees can support such massive structures with often little to no roots, this is a good warning to tree owners to check their trees. Hope all is well? Alistair
  7. Franchise to buy into?

    Does any one have a Franchise I can Buy into? I'm Located In between Windsor and Ascot, Ive the want to expand my Business foot print, but from experience already gained, I know it will take years to achieve. ( but I will start again if I have too) So Im asking the Question: to any Expanding tree work companies if they want to sell me a Franchise of their existing Business? All my trucks and plant machinery are completely un marked as I already use them to fit into other Organisations and their profiles. I have a lot of experience to offer and have a tone of motivation regarding tree works. I currently have an Instagram profile which you can take a look at if you want some proof of ability. a.mprofessionaltreesurgeons Thank you. Alistair Magee 07886028830 magee.arb@gmail.com
  8. Help needed!

    I need the help of and individual to work this week, The job is in Binfield, Near Bracknell on Thursday and Good friday this week! Please call or text if your free? GOOD PAY! Easy job, just need someone to work with! need someone to drive an avant with a man cage on! Simples! Also so have a large 100 tree felling job to do and other dates next week, if your interested. big tree felling and pruning. Don't be put off, I wouldn't expect anyone do do something I couldn't and wouldn't do myself, a good attitude and having fun at work is more important to me. 07886027730- Alistair Magee.
  9. Hello all from A.M Tree Surgeons. Im looking for an individual to either employ full time, but ideally as a sub contractor like myself, I'm open to both! The work is a range of private and commercial arboriculture, mainly contracting for other companies, but I do, do my own works too. For a better understanding of the works I do, check it out on Instagram @a.mprofessionaltreesurgeons The location is in and around the Thames valley area, my business is well equipped machinery wise, and my motivations are towards high end quality pruning and large tree felling, id rather work smarter and more efficiently. Applicants must be relatively qualified with a minimum of a driving license, Tree climbing, Arial rescue, Chainsaw from a rope and harness, felling small trees and chainsaw maintenance with cross cut tickets. First aid at work, trailer license, medium tree felling, rigging and dismantling, chipper training and Cscs and or a professional qualification would be a great advantage. Im a big believer in paying someone for what they can do, so come with a good attitude and willingness to learn or bring the same level of attention to detail as I have and you will do very well! Pay dose depend upon the level of your experience, however to give you an idea, basic pay would be close to £120 per day with the added incentive of a financial bonus when the jobs allow. immediate start for the right person, all ages considered! Send me an email to magee.arb@gamil.com with describing yourself and skills and I will come back to you! Thank you!
  10. hello all, Im going to fell and remove some 20-30 hard wooded trees mainly sycamore and a few large limes and cherry trees, id estimate approx 25-30 tone. This timber can be cut to any size and stacked onsite for either collection or we can load you on site. Please contact me if you want this timber, its free:thumb up: contact Alistair Magee 07886028830
  11. Hi every one, Im looking for a grounds person or can be a climber too in the berkshire ascot and bracknell area? On a self employed basis, the climbing bit isn't essential as I'm really looking for a someone to work along side me. Ideally some one over 25 with a full licence and trailer test, lantra or nptc ground saw certs, arial rescue as a minimum, first aid and chipper units. Basic pay will be £100 per day, but can expect to earn more if the jobs are completed on time or if we work extra time on site, in a form of a bonus.I have some very good equipment which is normally used to speed up jobs, so where possible manual handling will be a thing of the past. I appreciate people coming to work on time and with the right attitude, would rather someone try their best than try to impress. The work will be a mixture of commercial contracting and domestic's, times may vary depending upon clients needs. Contact me on 07886028830 to discuss, text of call. thank you.

    <p>Hi Alistair</p>

    <p>Where are you based and what are your day rates ? </p>

    <p>We are in surrey nr dorking and may need some help on a few jobs in the next few months ? </p>



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      Ha better late than never Sqirrel21 :D as you can see I really should learn to check posts!


      So who are you then? Hope all is well.

  13. Contract climbing!

    Hello All, Im decided that I would like to contract climb for a bit, simply to meet some of my fellow tree surgeons in the Berkshire, oxford and surrey area and create some new work contacts. while i do have my own business still, i really enjoy being out there getting enveloped and meeting new people, I do respect the relationship between employer and contractor and don't want to be seen as threat, I would rather be out there working than just doing my own stuff. 18 years of tree experience, N,D in Arboriculture, all relevant nptc and Lantra certs, 1st aid and chipper< I've been planning on doing my stump grinder cert and some kind of health and safety course too. I consider myself to good value for money and would enjoy the experience to show my skill set to you. if anyone is interested, please call or text me on 07886028830. Alistair Magee.
  14. Contracting works on price or %!

    couple of pics
  15. Contracting works on price or %!

    Hello all, Just relocated to the Thames Valley area, near Ascot. Im looking to make new working and contracting relationships where by my companies services can undertake priced of percentage works from other Tree management companies. My team is small but very experienced and well equipped to carry out any works, I have references from previous tree surgery clients who you can call, but more importantly I can demonstrate our value and worth, fully insured and qualified. HAVE DONE MANY JOBS IN RELATION TO SITE CLEARANCE, LARGE TREE, FELLING AND TREE PRUNING, SCHEDULE WORKS RELATING TO COMMERCIAL STREET TREE MAINTENANCE. All my vehicles and plant equipment are un-sign written,1-3 years old from new, allowing us to blend into the profile of another businesses. Tracked and remote control chipper and stump grinder ground sensitive equipment, narrow access and timber moving loaders, with tree sheer. I WANT TO BUILD A TRUSTED RELATIONSHIP WITH YOU, SO WE BOTH GAIN FROM IT, WOULD NEVER TAKE PEOPLES CLIENTS OR APPROACH THEM, TRUST AND RELIABILITY IS EVERYTHING! I would greatly Appreciate any works you may have, so please don't be offended of feel threatened by me posting this, I simply can not make contract climbing pay and obviously know the time involved in building new domestic client base. I really don't want to come across as another person blowing ones trumpet, however I've often been able to achieve great results regarding contract works given my experience and ability to climb and work in a safe and efficient manner. Please call or email for details, happy to travel within reason, thank you. Regards Alistair Magee- am tree surgeons magee.arb@gmail.com 07886028830 or facebook!


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