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  1. Assortment of saws

    Tie them down and drop a nice big oak on the b*****ds, dont they realise there messing with people lively hoods.
  2. "Tickets"

    Well at the moment I have my CS30 cross cutting and will be getting my CS31 small trees in January but everyone I have asked has said to get MY CS 39 - 39 climbing and aerial resue.
  3. Wood treatment

    The ones we have are roughly 18ft in diameter and there are 3 2 sleep in and one for storage my project for next year is a 40 ft comunal space inc a stove. Rough calculations I may have some structural dificultys and the stove is a big health and safety issue at the moment, the National Trust are big on their risk assements but I have a plan to get around it. We used local larch for the walls, giant redwood for the doors and ash for the roof wheel but I am planning to make one for myself using just larch as we have a plentiful supply. I will keep you informed on how its getting on.
  4. Wood treatment

    Here are the pics I could find. On my own I can put a yurt up in about an hour, if there is someone with me it could take 30 minutes. All in all our yurts cost £4500 each thats canvas, my work time, a yurt makers yurt time and cost of me milling all of the wood for the trelices. The canvas is cotton from Afganistan and is put together by a ships sail maker. You can get a second hand waterproofed canvas for about £400.
  5. Wood treatment

    Thanks, it was my first attemt to be honest just wanted to play with the new saw. I left it it the living room when I got home from work and I just went to pick it up to take pic and the living room smells great, may just leave it for a bit before I do anything.
  6. Wood treatment

    Also as part of my job I work with groups of volunteers to build yurts (Mongolian canvas tents) I have some good pics of them. We have a special oil that someone provides for us. We also do charcoal burning to heat the steam bending box.
  7. Wood treatment

    [ATTACH]9128[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]9129[/ATTACH]# Hope these pictures get to you.
  8. Wood treatment

    I was thinking about trying to mix some linseed and secking oil together but do not know what it will come up like. Also will it being green affect it at all. Never worked with green wood before.
  9. Wood treatment

    I had a go at some chainsaw carving today with my new 170 and I made a baby stool out of a pine but, what would be the best thing to treat it with i.e. linseed oil etc. Oh the wood is green only dropped it today, the stool was some lunchtime fun.
  10. Swandri

    Were do you get your jackets from?
  11. Need a new splitting maul

    Keep the head make your own handle always the best.
  12. Swandri

    Thanks for the heads up. Ooopps to late.
  13. Swandri

    Well andy, for some strange reason woman seem to think that because you have a dirty jacket that you wont want to wear it to work the following day to get it even more dirty. But my real interest lies within the fact she has just confessed that the bloke in the shop gave her a sheet of paper and on that sheet of paper it says and I quote DO NOT WASH IN CONVENTIONAL MACHIENE what a prat. But the extreme ranger looks good and its £100 cheaper looks like thats my next purchase. I am also tempted to buy an oilskin jacket any thoughts?
  14. Swandri

    Mate that does not help, Im waiting for her to tell me she used the joint account to buy it. Just about to E-mail them but everyone I have spoke to said its almost impossible.
  15. Swandri

    Well I am a xl and its a medium - large now so it wont fit the kids or the cook. How much is an extreme ranger gonna set me back?


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