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  1. Thanks mate, that was my thinking it just didn't look quite right for me to be sure ??
  2. Any ideas on this one? Probably obvious but haven't been able to identify it. Found 5m up an oak stem, lots of snap-outs and fractured limbs
  3. <p>alright dude :-)</p>

  4. no doubt m8 ile show you what i came up with but please dont laugh at it, i dont think i could take that kind of rejection:sad:
  5. dont wory will ive copied all the info from this thread, theyl never stop us, lol:001_tongue:
  6. well thats some specificly usefull odds and sods you've collected there hehe:001_cool: thank v much
  7. dude ime as stumped as u are, they've give me sumfin to do:sneaky2:
  8. wow thanks for the info, i should be able to scrape to gether an assignment from the things u told me just then, you realy know ur stuff hehe. by the way whats a reed valve engine?
  9. cant see a chainsaw forum link on that site. would it be worth typing chainsaw forum into google?
  10. yet again my tutor at college has landed me with a real head scratcher. he wants to know the design and development of the top handled chainsaw over the last 20 years and i cant seem to find any relevant information on it. any suggestions for sites to go on or any information would be greatly appreciated.
  11. ah i thought it was a klemheist, thanks for the site mate.
  12. yeh would be a shame but being a sparsholt student meself i think it could be realy cool, weev got some kick ass trees to climb down at sparsholt studd. by the way, hey rowden, u thinking of competing this year?
  13. i cant remember the name for the srt friction knot used with that realy long friction line. can anyone help?
  14. a hazard beam u say... cool, well unfortunatly this was on a tree over a childrens play area and alarm bells went off in the clients head the moment she saw it but my ex boss had the same view john has, and so did i to be honest but times are hard so realy u gotta prune what you gotta prune. shame.


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