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  1. <p>send your cv through to p&t ltd, they doing a fair bit on the railways for the electrification in south wales</p>

  2. the job is for a large civils firm that are re vamping a station for network rail. i have pointed out that getting rid of the stumps and roots will also destabilise the embankment but they will be sorting that when they come to install the bridge but are adimant that we can dig the roots etc :confused1:
  3. morning folks. seriously need some help here, i've got 14 large stumps on a railway embankment that the client wants completely removing so that they can install a bridge. we are not allowed any diggers etc in there as it could destabilise the embankment and cause slips (road above the embankment) we have tried an alpine magnum but becasue of the size of the stumps and the amount of stone, mud etc we are not getting anywhere fast. any help or advice would be bloody brilliant as i am seriously considering smoking again......and drinking and just about anything else i can try to relieve stress. cheers
  4. sawmonkey


    Tree partner, based in the lakes but Richard is a top guy and really knows his stuff http://www.facebook.com/coppicecrafts
  5. There is always a tirfor in the back if the van, it may only come out a handful of times a year but when it does it's a real god send http://www.facebook.com/coppicecrafts
  6. 1 thing I have found when splitting larger rounds (15+") is not to try and split in the middle, instead go slightly to the side so you'd be taking about a third. Splits much easier :-) http://www.facebook.com/coppicecrafts
  7. Maul to make the first split and then drop to a med size axe (can be used 1 handed if preferred) set up several rounds, bust em with the maul then split down to req size with axe...... Bloody good work out but also gives rest times for different muscles :-)
  8. I mention the turbans because the pupils were sent home because they were not in correct uniform, I doubt very much that turbans are part of the uniform. As for right wing balls, I have been lucky enough to travel around a lot of the world and even luckier to meet and become good friends with many people from many different creed, colours, back ground and religion. I treat people how they treat me not on their colour or beliefs!!!!
  9. The head teacher should be sacked!!! I'm not a racist by a long shot but how many turbans etc do you see in schools. I take my hat off to these pupils! Armistice day is, was and always will be 11 of November, not the nearest sunday
  10. I've used otterbox and griffin case. Both I've found to be excellent.(both have been the top rated, supersonic etc) Normal phones tended to last 3-4 months so was very concerned about the iPhone when I got it. After nearly 2 years the phone looks brand new. All in all, I can't recommend both cases highly enough
  11. sawmonkey


    Only scan read parts of this thread. I must be 1 of the luckiest/ unluckiest guys about. Got several otters on the river near me and got a well used holt at the end of my garden (it's been used every year to raise young for last 20+ years I've known about it) also had a cheeky bugger nick a small sea trout out of my bag while fishing few years back, also had 1 fight me for the fish I was landing. Quite often see them "cruising" and playing on different stretches of the river near me
  12. 4inch foster bit..... And wrist supports
  13. http://www.facebook.com/coppicecrafts 😉 I always forget to add that bit. Please have a look
  14. Weather cleared up a bit this evening so thought I'd have a little play as a bit I stress relief
  15. It's the brother to the 1 in Barrett's, Sorry to say but it's not the planks you milled, I made these benches from the last of the reclaimed planks from Tywyn sea defence (they don't smell so bad. Lol)
  16. I'm more than willing to stake anything you like on the strength of jarrah benches, Your great grand kids will be sitting on them when they're drawing their pensions :-)
  17. Sorry for ambushing your thread Should be some pics of what jarrah looks like (and also a sneaky pic of a bench I made from it :-). ) It's a bloody hard Australian hardwood
  18. Personally I don't run/ cycle etc (and my waist proves it) but 1 of the lads in work is doing the iron man in Tenby this weekend (silly sod if you ask me but hey...) so anyone heading down there please show your support to all the silly sods. Any one actually doing it, best of luck, I'll be the fat guy eating pie and chips by the finish line :-)
  19. You're prob right about going chunkier legs, easiest way to tell is hold few lumps of 4x2 (bound to be some old scrap bits laying about) against the slab and add/ take away bits until everyone is happy. Won't take long and won't cost anything more than 20min (which you could be sipping on a brew while doing)
  20. Table sounds good. Just keep it simple and chunky otherwise I think it'd be spoilt. 4 legs, 4inch square mortised in
  21. Give Treevolution a ring, excellent training and assessing
  22. Appart from getting older how's tricks mate. Unless you need a 4x4 I'd chop and get a tipper, easier to unload, get about etc also cheaper to run
  23. Or there's other books by Leo Gowan (I think that's his name)


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