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  1. I work in the bush in WA beats metro work anyday!
  2. I know what your saying rob you'd think people would be dying to get out here! I'll post some photos tonight when I'm on my laptop so people can get an idea of what it's like !
  3. I work for pat (silver squirrel) and had done for the past 15 months I responded to the ad he had put up on arbtalk back in 2011 and in a matter of weeks I flew out here and started work! I came out On my own when I was 19 and it has been lifechanging for me! The work is great I've learnt a lot but still keep on learning! The lifestyle is great On my time off I just hammer through the outback on my motocross bike for hours ! This is a great opportunity for the right people! Why carry on with the daily struggle when you can make a life for yourself here!
  4. <p>hows it going phil did you ever manage to get those photo's from last year?</p>

  5. I came out on my own in January 2012 to climb for silver squirrel when i was 19, it was the best decision ive ever made! the works great out here and the lifestyle to go with its awsome you guys don't know what your missing out on! If you lads are serious get enquiring!
  6. when i came to aus i just packed all my climbing kit in my checked luggage simple as no messing
  7. i work in western australia and i wear chainsaw trousers, gets pretty hot here! and ive put my pants in the drier before was more worried about them shrinking
  8. i moved to australia in january this year and i love it here!
  9. aye its kind of like a silhouette [ATTACH]100605[/ATTACH] this was some work i did in southwestern australia a couple of weeks back
  10. aye its kind of like a silhouette this was some work i did in southwestern australia a couple of weeks back
  11. [ATTACH][ATTACH]100598[/ATTACH][/ATTACH] me doing some powerline clearing in oz
  12. [/ATTACH] me doing some powerline clearing in oz
  13. Look in the employment section mate the fella I work for has an ad up


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If you would like to contribute to making this industry more effective and safe then welcome.
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