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  1. I'm after someone who has some experience, for basic jobs, motivated and hard working, need to be self employed. £100 per day invoice required Call Toby 07795421560
  2. Anyone do or know of a good reliable company for traffic management? I need one day, a Sunday with traffic lights and cones, all setup, supplied and removed.
  3. My guess is a start up that knows no better, can't find him anywhere, so please all keep your eyes peeled, and see if you can get me his number! I am truro tree services, he is calling Himself truro tree surgery, is a small town so need to get this sorted out! Cheers!
  4. Just curious as to if anyone cutting trees in the truro area has seen or heard of truro tree surgery? As I am truro tree services, you can see the problem? Or is it just me!
  5. Anyone know of an insurance company that will do 2 trucks and 2 drivers? And are they good?! Cheers toby 07795421560
  6. Hi all Got an ash with a few problems, bit close and dead to take down the trad way, any one want days work with a mewp, ideally 18m, not a scissor lift job, or will you hire one out? I dont have a ticket but the guy i work with does. Mobile is 07795421560 i am toby! Cherrs
  7. Not sure, is 32 or 34 the model? Was not specified, just it being diesel 4 cylinder
  8. Hi all, Been offered a 1999 entec diesel, 2 owners from new, both self employed, stored under cover all its life, recent service including all bearings flywheel blades, trailer braking system. For 4k, is this a good buy or no? Ps does anyone know what horse power these machines are? 4cylinder kubota. Over to you....
  9. a guy in the bocdmin/camelford area who is a firewood supplier/tree surgeon/landscaper owes me alot of money, i cant mention his name on here for anti bullying reasons... is there any one on here who knows alot of people in the business in the area and can help me get his address to start a small claims court proceeding? cheers
  10. does anyone in the kernow area have one i can buy or borrow for 2 months? i am starting a felling job in idless woods on mon and need a timber tape i dont want to buy a new one cos there £32 squid for a tapemeasure! cheers!
  11. cheers everyone, not for the lux, but the chipper, not mine, rods! the lux runs on veg oil...
  12. can anyone recommend where to buy red diesel? im based in Truro, but could be pursuaded to travel a bit for a bargain! cheers


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