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  1. Hi all, I run a small arboriculture business in the Tunbridge Wells area. I’m looking for a free-lancer to do the odd day’s work climbing/grounding. I might be able to offer one regular day per week. I’m looking for someone who is clean-living, fit and healthy, polite, and respectful. Please contact me by email or text: shadowoftheappletree@hotmail.co.uk 07711783580 Christian Cain www.shadowoftheappletree.com
  2. I run my own small company, but I'm also available Mon-Wednesday to do subcontracting for other companies. I have 10 years experience at climbing, having my CS 30, 31, 38, 39 tickets. I work to a high standard, and climb on a zigzag. I have a Ford transit tipper, and Timberwolf 150DHB chipper which I can bring to help out on jobs where more waste needs to be taken away. I'm polite, hard-working, and a clean and healthy living type. Please contact me if you'd like my help via: 07711 783580 or via: http://www.shadowoftheappletree.com Christian Cain.
  3. Hi all, I need a climber/groundman (someone with at least their climbing ticket, if not chainsaw use aloft) for the odd jobs in and around Tunbridge Wells. I'm looking for someone who is honest, respectful, and willing to work. Cheers, Christian Cain - 07711783580 I'm on Instagram as Christian861768 shadowoftheappletree@hotmail.co.uk Shadow Of The Apple Tree. Tree surgery in Tunbridge Wells & Tonbridge
  4. Hello all, I need a bona fide self-employed sub-contractor for three days to help me on a large hedge trimming job from Monday the 3rd to Wednesday the 5th of October in Langton Green (close to Tunbridge Wells, Kent). I need someone who has their own hedge trimmer, and has a good amount of hedge trimming experience, and can trim hedges to a high standard. Preferably they would be polite and respectful. I am offering a day-rate of £120. Thanks, Christian Cain. shadowoftheappletree@hotmail.co.uk Shadow Of The Apple Tree for tree care in Kent
  5. Hi all, I wanted to get a feel of what subcontracting climbers are charging for a day's work, as I am looking to do more subcontract climbing myself, having been running my own business for nine years now. Cheers, Christian Cain.
  6. Dear all, I need a groundman to help me the day after tomorrow (Thursday) on a Birch dismantle, Birch fell, and Goat Willow reduction in Tunbridge Wells. You would need to have your CS30 and PPE, and ideally your own saw also. Please contact me by text or e-mail. Thanks, Christian 07711 783580 shadowoftheappletree@hotmail.co.uk Shadow Of The Apple Tree for tree care in Kent
  7. Hi all, I need a helper for various days' work next week, doing groundwork and possibly climbing. These are the dates on which I need a helper (please feel free to contact me even if you can only do one or two days): Monday 1st, Wednesday 3rd, Thursday 4th. Please contact me by e-mail or on my mobile. Thanks, Christian Cain 07711 783580 shadowoftheappletree@hotmail.co.uk Shadow Of The Apple Tree for tree removal in Surrey
  8. Hi all, I need a 2nd climber to help me with a job on Friday of this week (the 21st) in Tunbridge Wells. It's a crown reduction of some Yew trees, which would be mostly lopper work, and some other small bits. Please contact me by mobile or email: 07711 783580 Shadowoftheappletree@hotmail.co.uk Christian Shadow Of The Apple Tree for tree removal in Surrey
  9. Hi all, I need a helper for an Ash crown reduction in Langton green, Kent on the 30th of this month. I'd prefer having an extra climber for this job, but that is not essential - a groundman would also do (I'd then do the climbing). You'd obviously need the appropriate certificates (CS39 for chainsaw use in the tree, or CS30 at least for on the ground), and PPE. I also need a ground man to help with a Horse Chestnut dismantle and two Birch fells in Speldhurst, Kent on the 13th of November. You'd only need PPE and CS30, but preferably should be capable of felling medium-sized trees, but this is not essential (I'd do the fells and have you sned, log-up etc. if you were not up to the felling). Please contact me by email at shadowoftheappletree@hotmail.co.uk or by text on 07711 783580 if you are interested to do either or both of these days. Yours sincerely, Christian Cain Shadow Of The Apple Tree for tree removal in Surrey
  10. Hi all, I need a groundman to help with a dead Willow dismantle in Tunbridge Wells on Tuesday the 4th of November. You would need only PPE and the means to get to the work-site. Please text me on 07711 783580, or e-mail to shadowoftheappletree@hotmail.co.uk Thanks, Christian Cain Shadow Of The Apple Tree for tree removal in Surrey
  11. Continued from last post... Please contact me via my mobile, 07711 783580, or by e-mail - shadowoftheappletree@hotmail.co.uk. Cheers, Christian.
  12. Hi all, I need a ground-man to help with some small tree and hedge work next week in Crawley Down, West Sussex. The days on which I would need help are: Monday the 20th, Wednesday the 22nd and Thursday the 23rd. All you would need is your own PPE and the ability to get to the work site. Yours sincerely, Christian Cain.
  13. To whoever may be able to help, I am interested in doing some tree work in Germany, and am in the process of learning the language. I am a good climber, with 7 years of climbing experience, being the team leader, with CS 30, 31, 38 and 39, a full and clear driving license, and having a good manner with customers. Any info on temporary jobs in Germany, or general info on working in Germany, would be greatly appreciated. Yours sincerely, Christian Cain.
  14. Hello all, I need a Groundman to help me with a partial reduction of a Sycamore. It will involve cutting up and chipping, and maybe a little rigging if we need to. I have my own ground saw, so you wouldn't need to bring one with you. It would be approx a 8:30AM start in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Please contact me directly, using the number below, as I don't frequently check my Arbtalk messages. Yours sincerely, Christian Cain 07711 783580 http://www.shadowoftheappletree.co.uk shadowoftheappletree@hotmail.co.uk
  15. Hello all, Would anyone be interested in doing a day's ground work on Monday, the seventh of January in Tunbridge Wells? Please reply to me using the email address below. Christian Cain Shadow Of The Apple Tree: Tree Surgeon, Hedge Cutting, Felling, Tunbridge Wells, Kent shadowoftheappletree@hotmail.co.uk


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