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  1. Sorry, just spotted this now - the 10% discount offer only applies to the LogJack, but the code ATFREE will bag you a freebie of some sort which is applicable on all orders over a penny! Don't say we're not good to you lot!
  2. Ahem, no you'd be doing something similar to what I do Pay Per Click, e.g. Google AdWords is basically just a slot machine, you just have to keep trying different methods until you find the one that pays out for you. There is a LOT of research and testing work involved that obviously comes with costs, but once you get the hang of it there's definitely the potential for money to be made using it.
  3. The 10% ArbTalk discount on the LogJack also applies to orders online, just add this code in at the checkout: ATLJ10 *(Confirm your delivery address then scroll right down to the bottom of the Checkout page to find the coupon box).
  4. Just a quick update of the web address on these - they're now in the new shop at: Tegera Thermal Grip Gloves
  5. Nice looking SV that, I must admit I do miss mine sometimes. The missus has got one though, so it's nice to get a blast on that now and again. Are you on the SV650.org site by any chance then?
  6. Only got my bike license a few years ago, but most definitely hooked now! My short biking career has gone from a SV650, which I sold a year or so ago and replaced with this rude boy: CBR954 Fireblade, the last of the 900's before Honda nudged them up to litre bikes (and made them tiny!). Even after 18 months+ of riding it still makes me grin from ear to ear, a fabulous bit of machinery and I'd highly recommend one!
  7. This stuff is selling like mad at the moment... Bio Chainsaw Oil
  8. Lifetime guarantee with Roughneck stuff, so your mate should certainly get a replacement no probs...
  9. Might be worth a read...? keeping warm when working outside in winter
  10. Nope, can't think at all why that site might get a lot of traffic...
  11. I've added your thanks to our Testimonials page along with a link to your own site James, hope that's OK? Cheers JM
  12. The best actual anti-fog stuff (i.e. the stuff for motorcycle visors) is the Bob Heath visor cleaner / anti-fog. I've got a can of it that I use on my spare bike lid and it does work fairly well. Only downside is you need to re-apply it quite often to keep it effective, (hence why I got an anti-fog insert for my main helmet), the aforementioned safe-eyes goggles are a good alternative. You do get used to the mesh vision after a short time, same as if you drive Ford car with their heated front windscreens - you forget it's there after a while.
  13. Good luck! I did one of these years ago and it's no mean achievement! Let us know how you get on!
  14. The house I lived in when I was a kid (back in Liverpool) had a bridge almost identical to that, and many.. many a time I used to get woken up to the noise of metal crunching against stone! Here, in fact! pilch lane east, liverpool - Google Maps There was even a bus stuck in there once, now you'd think whoever planned the bus routes MIGHT just have taken that into consideration, apparently not!
  15. Hi Digbee - good point about noting which chains/bars are compatible with what saws... So much so that I've added this info into each product on our webshop - so now there's the PowerSharp selector guide, where you can search by make & model of saw, backed up with the details of which saw each product is meant for in the descriptions. e.g. http://www.clarkforest.com/shop/detail/1813/powersharp-12in-a041-chainsaw-bar-and-sharpening-unit Hope this helps - all feedback welcome!


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