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  1. Apf - who's going

    I'll be on the poles for three days but nice to have a walk round near the end of the day. Don't know many of you but will be camping near by so may drunkenly meet some of you 👍 🍻
  2. CS32 Scotland

    https://www.facebook.com/HW-Training-1406182522944617/ try these guys
  3. I'd be interested to see how many employed people are allowed to use it in the work place and how many go against the rules and use it at their discretion?
  4. I used to get really angry, either fear anger or trying to be quick anger? Now I've chilled out a bit with a few token swear words. I've never been mega fast but I'm at a point of not having anything to prove, I know what I can do and we'll get done what gets done (usually the right amount). On srt more now too, which can be a relief for the joints but also enjoy the job for having to think slightly differently.
  5. Echo CS360 TES top handled saw

    Purchased mine in august and had to take it back as it wasn't idling properly especially after cutting through a limb. Waited 8 weeks and not found out what the problem is so gave me a new saw and mine has gone back to japan apparently. It wasn't abused and not worked too hard as have a ms150 so a bit disappointed, will see how this one fares
  6. SRT Workshops

    Do the guys get to have a go or is it purely observing the demonstrations?
  7. New RCW 3001 by Stein

    Good video, really good to meet you at the show too and get a demo of this setup there, looks like a great bit of kit and an investment that could change how one could carry out rigging especially having no experience of winch assisted rigging. Nice and simple, like it
  8. Team GB Runner Vs Pole Climber

    6th place went to a 50 yr old who is knocking out 10/11 second climbs and George who's 82 still manages a sub 30. I understand what you mean though, problem with the public is they have to learn to spike and then normally just get pulled up the tree by belayers when they gaff out and it's a tiring enough job keeping up with the fast guys over three days
  9. Team GB Runner Vs Pole Climber

    The competition is pretty big at APF so need to enter the comp but if at other shows they sometimes let people have a go. Best thing to do if you want to have a go then enter.
  10. baisingstoke milling

    Try Clive based in reading just up the road http://www.winson-woodcraft.co.uk
  11. Echo CS360 TES top handled saw

    I purchased mine from forest and arb and they are ordering in some 12" Oregon bars if that helps. I'm pleased with mine but don't ever run 14s on my toppers so will convert I expect
  12. Pat Ferret, aka jammy dodger.

    Always wanted to meet pat as chatted in the chat room a while back now, be nice to meet the rest of you guys too btw. I will be at APF for three days so hopefully will get the chance to.
  13. Woodchip sites near Basingstoke??

    Try giving foremost tree surgeons a call as they have a good size yard near North Waltham or I think laverstoke park take chip but don't have contact details sorry
  14. How far have you ran/cycled/swam today?

    Been out on the mountain bike today putting through its paces up afan, I'm not used to those types of hills. 14 miles with 450m elevation will know about it in the morning, also realise I need a bike upgrade.....any excuse hey
  15. The Land Rover Appreciation Group.

    Selling my 90 if anyone is interested http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/111428220969?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649 gutted to get rid but need something different for motorway miles


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