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  1. Skoda Yeti Greenline

    Would'nt fancy too much towing with the 1.6 2wd to be honest...
  2. Skoda Yeti Greenline

    I've got one (yeti greenline se) and its ace. 50mpg average over the 1st 50k miles. comfy, well built, light on tyres. Go for it!
  3. Yard sale March 12th, Isleham, Ely

    Maybe... I've heard its got its "toes in the chalk", bit of "limes chlorosis". Soo many Waughisms and so little time - still, "its as broad as it is long"! Would be good to have a BBQ and a beer with all the old Waugh workers in the paddock though...
  4. Yard sale March 12th, Isleham, Ely

    That he does Steve! Will he be marking the occasion in any way?
  5. Yard sale March 12th, Isleham, Ely

    Sad news Steve... I learnt so much from James, it was an honour to work for him. A legend retires from our industry. Send him my regards.
  6. Have you guys ever seen a hydraulic wedge?

    They're good - not that heavy and easier to carry then a sledge / axe and hi-lifts. We bought one from Germany a few years ago in the FC training branch. Think Clarke's sell their own yellow version now... there was a Husqvarna version from the 60's or 70's - would love to find one of them!
  7. The FCA were'nt running the H&S courses - they were HSE events run by Forestry Commission trainers and usually run at 2 or 3 locations around GB each year. I was an FCA member for a few years and found it was one of the first memberships to get culled when times got tough. That said, it's only £44 for the basic membership.
  8. Evenin' all, Just a bit of market research really. I've recently moved back to Okehampton and wonder if its worth getting insurance sorted out so that I can offer a LOLER inspection service...? In addition to the LOLER quals, I'm also an assessor for most NPTC units and am generally pretty interested in most treework stuff. Drop me a line or post on here if you're interested... so to speak!! Cheers, Mark
  9. Felling Licence

    The License could take up to 3 months to come through (if approved) as the FC may have to consult other bodies (English Heritage etc) - and then if its a felling (as apposed to a thinning), it'll have to go on the public register for 28 days. Sorry for all the (brackets)!!!
  10. Felling Licence

    Felling licenses really apply to 'growing trees', however, I'd advise that you run it by your Woodland Officer before hand... it may be difficult to prove that the trees were dead if he/she has to investigate further down the line. Where abouts are you in Devon?
  11. Felling Licence

    If you intend to exceed 5m3 in one go, then yes you'll need a license. Either you or the owner can submit the Felling License Application, although if you do it you'll be acting as the 'agent' so you'll also need to submit an 'Agents Authority' form. The permission, if granted, will probably be of a conditional nature (i.e, you'll have to replant) Have a look here... Forestry Commission - Felling Licences
  12. Sky Engineers ?

    Its just Sky's compliance with the Work at Height 2005 Regs - after all, in 2004/5, something like 17 people died falling from ladders! We have a similar system for use in the FC although its much easier to secure a ladder to a tree than it is to a house. I've fallen 25' from a ladder before (due to my own stupidity!), if theres anything I can do now to stop that happening again... I'll do it!
  13. Don't think too much about it would be my advice... Update training is simply this: - A recommendation in AFAG 805 - Training & Certification (at least every 5 yrs) - Done right, can be enlightening, eye opening, interesting, refreshing - all in all an extremely positive experience for the professional treeworker - An opportunity to brush up on old skills as well as learn new ones... its much more about taking the next step, whatever your next step will be - A damn good way of keeping your head in the right place and keeping yourself and your workmates safe - Most definately NOT JUST about going over the old ground I've run update courses all over GB where the combined experience is in excess of 140yrs and there will always, always, be techniques to be brushed up on and new ones to learn. In a nutshell, in my experience its just a bloody good idea!
  14. Old growth redwood falling in 2002....

    I listened to 'James and the Giant Redwood' on the last 2 Tuesday's on radio 4, watched National Geographic 'Climbing the Redwoods' on iTunes last night, and then tonight, watched these clowns 'fell' one portion of the last remaining 4% of these trees on the planet. "Go getchya lumber elsewhere man...":thumbdown:


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