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  1. I have about 8 days of work, i could do with clearing it out of my diary ish starting 3rd may, there is flexibility which i require climber with all tickets. all the work is pretty straight forward, nothing horrible. I have full insurances covering everything, would like to meet said person before commencing. call or pm to discuss rates etc and availability
  2. BS5837 also says 12 times stem diameter, should also be measuring at 1.5m above the ground page 10 ish of bs5387, rpa calcs, trees two to five stems stem 1 squared + stem 2 squared + stem 3 squared + stem 4 squared + stem 5 squared. Then square root the final answer, i cant find the square root sign etc on my keyboard.
  3. Don't bother wasting a time taking it vertical, go smaller, let the crane do the work for ya, if you can get a crane to the tree , you can get the piece of timber or limb, or stem where you like
  4. Yep I use both normal and rapide, depending on which rope bag gets dragged out, mine does the same, an engineering friend explained bushes and bearings, I left and made a coffee, works fine
  5. Tell them to appeal to Bristol City Council, they always go against the council decision, done it several times, cellweb and all that stuff is a waste of time, tree is now too big for location, lets look at the risk of failure
  6. Has anyone had to do a tree risk assessment, not tree works, not a qtra paragraph, but a proper spreadsheet identifying the risk etc, ie high wind, possible failure, fruit, poisonous or not, leaves furry, poisonous etc. roots affecting pavements causing trip hazard. I have got over 100 trees to survey, they also want a tree risk assessment, please only reply with sensible answers or if someone has got one i can take a look at, email it to me
  7. New Cambium saver, 10minutes of playing, even got the cats playing with the tenex, love the stuff
  8. Yeah i am backing this one, i have just got 44m 11.7 hedera, so far it is 1m shorter than it started. I can pull it apart and get everything set, the bury part just locks solid. Currently scratching head and rs, might go and stick a double figure eight in spare end, just not tell anyone
  9. If i wanted to tie knots i would, if i wanted to splice i would splice it myself, thats why i posted 'anyone know where you can buy the eye to eye'. alfwitz
  10. Anyone know where you can buy the 8mm eye to eye Armor Prus, i need to replace mine, cant find the eye 2 eye anywhere
  11. I dont do camp fire rumours, Arborology cleared to the deck
  12. That is a 23m mexican cypress, 10 tonnes of chip, 25tonnes of timber, 60" inches across the bottom, multiple codom stems. Absolute joy to rig that lot down. Not. The wall behind is listed.
  13. you can splice a rope when it has been used, but only the other end, it generally not been loaded so the fibres, strands are still nice and loose, you shouldnt be splicing the other end again. If you have a spare rope, learn how to splice, very useful, and it is not complicated.


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