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  1. Get the cs units or your not insured
  2. Down here in North Devon the pricing war has gone stupid. I've quoted a couple of jobs in the last few weeks. 1st was a full day, 2 guys, dismantle I put £400 on the job the lady said that was ridiculous as the other tree guy was £260 cheaper:confused1: The 2nd job, load of conifers 3 guy chapter 8 kit needed, me £2000 the other guy £1000 I'm sick of it I won't lower my day rate ever but feel I'm missing out on work.
  3. Insurance companys will try and get out of paying out, if there's a loop hole they will find one. Some of the big ones are even if you use a subby a few days a week you still need Employers liability insurance , and if you ar dismantaling a tree and you don't have CS41 then your insurance is invalid, in there eyes experience isn't enough, they need to see the paper trails(qualls) same as the council. Just be carefull
  4. johnty


    I'll second that, Kingswoods a great place and great instructors.
  5. Sounds good to me, I'm phoning tomorrow for a place in Newquay.
  6. Why not? The Arb approved contracter assessment requires us to show two examples and we are struggling to give any examples.
  7. I've go to thin a beech in a week, and to be honnest I haven't thinned a tree in the 4 years I've been in business. People just don't seem to be intrested here in North Devon it's reductions or dismantals that's it. Need some advice on the rule of thumb, done some research but just wondering what advice you guys and girls could give. I could get a climber in but you don't learn by someone else doing it. :confused1:
  8. Look a bit too suspect to me, the words WMCA come to mind:lol:
  9. After a manic 6 months July too January things seem to have just stopped. Oh well it will pick up again. I always think I'm the only one not busy but after asking a few other guys in my area they seem to be in the same boat. However there's always one who says he's rushed off his feet he's usally telling little White lies. What they fail to realise is you go past there gaff every day and ther truck hasn't moved.
  10. Thinning trees, never been asked by local authority or private client to do one, even if I've said that the tree might benafit more. Here in sunny N Devon it's ruduce, dismantle or fell. This is a bit of a problem as for our AA asessment you need to prove you have done one.!!!!!!
  11. Some of the brokers they use have stopped doing comercial insurance because they weren't making any money, well that's what I was told anyway. At the ripe old age of 35 I don't expect to be paying silly insurance prices.
  12. Just been quoted £1300 for a landy 130 tipper by trust. Stupid
  13. I'm doing it in the next 6 months. I'm already a CHAS accredited contractor, and was assessed last year as part of the Devon tree framework contract, if we were an ArbAC we would not have needed to be assessed. Iv nothing to loose apart from a bit of cash!!!!


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