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  1. Where are all the hand cutters?

    That sounds almost too good. Any work still going up there? Sent from my E5823 using Arbtalk mobile app
  2. Where are all the hand cutters?

    I figured they'd probably be extracting to a harvester and felling and snedding 200 would be a good daily figure Sent from my E5823 using Arbtalk mobile app
  3. Where are all the hand cutters?

    200/day? Is that just dropping them or dropping and snedding? Sent from my E5823 using Arbtalk mobile app
  4. Think someone yanked a bit hard on this one!

    The rear handle and the main body of the saw also look to be different shades of orange. Could it be a cut and shut job?
  5. failed poplar into neighbours garden

    The owner of the tree is laible for the removal of the tree and any damages caused by it.
  6. Oak woodland management

    You need to know the mean Basal area (BA), BA/Ha and as Dave said the yield class helps.
  7. Chalara fraxinea - Generic thread

    Just got back from the seminar and found it very informative. It answered some of my questions regarding movement of materials.
  8. Do Pfanner make their Kevlar extreme in Type A and if so can they be bought in this country.
  9. Lincolnshire

    we used to do that plenty when we were students there lol suprised there are any trees left.
  10. Lincolnshire

    how much are you looking for and how soon do you need it, we're based at Scampton / Cammeringham
  11. Stretch-air gladiators class 1

    Not sure what size I am around 36" waist 32" leg whatever that works out as. Do they actually make class 1 any more as I cant find any on the net anywhere?
  12. Ive been looking at these trousers for a while but it seems they now only do them in class 2, does anyone know if you can get the class 1 trousers any more?
  13. 300+ Tonnes of Firewood Wanted

    How soon do you need it and will you want all the timber in one order or spread over a period of time?
  14. DBH (diameter at breast height) is 1.3m from the ground
  15. Try finding Forestry Commission Field Book 2 - Thinning control. Although i think this may now be out of print.


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