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  1. White Noise

    Most lame claim by staff

    Did he get binned or did you manage to change his outlook ?
  2. White Noise

    Choosing the right size trailer.

    If your doing domestic work id get a trailer with wheels fitted under the trailer bed . A 10 x 5 ft with wheels on the outside will add 2ft to the width .... just saying .
  3. White Noise

    Drunk Customer / Clients

    The day you turn up to start the job and they can't remember what your doing . Then they add things to the list because they were drunk and forgot to mention it . Always do a written quote for these people .
  4. White Noise

    Drunk Customer / Clients

    It was a woman around 70 yrs old who licked my groundies ear . My groundie on this particular day was my lady . First Aid box opened and antiseptic wipes used to clean the area .
  5. White Noise

    Drunk Customer / Clients

    Ive been in this game for over 20 yrs . Never met a drunk client until last year . That was an experience customer was actually trying to lick my groundies ear ? Now I seem to have loads ? They all have good jobs and nice properties . Stress or what ? Just finished looking at a nice job around 5.30 today and the client was well gone ....... he's a teacher . Dont get me wrong I love a beer and more .... but these people are smashed ?
  6. White Noise

    Facebook tree guy sites.

    I,m crap with technology but most on this site are up to date and switched on with it . Someone on here most probably will easily get this transfered from You Tube to our blessed Arbtalk ( propper tree men ) posted by Gyipsy beef . Shocking ....
  7. White Noise

    Crown reduction article - Your thoughts?

  8. White Noise

    Crown reduction article - Your thoughts?

    I did a study / trial back in the late 90s . Staked trees v unstaked trees . The later produced more vigorous root growth and a substantial difference in trunk girth when compared to there staked siblings only a few years later .
  9. White Noise

    Branding iron/tool

    Anyone with a welder could do you one . It aint complicated : ) local garage maybe ; )
  10. White Noise

    Roughing it.

    Bathing in the sea .....
  11. White Noise

    Roughing it.

    Top respect ..... love it . Just earning your coin nothing to see here ; )
  12. White Noise

    Unexplainable things

    Im the opposite . Shitting myself has been known to happen....... its explicable .......
  13. White Noise

    What are your biggest pet peeves?

    I have twice in two years and by a decent amount , and I only work within a 10 mile radius .
  14. White Noise

    What are your biggest pet peeves?

    I do this lots ..... Only as some new customers wont wait a week for work to be carried out let alone the standard 4/ 6 weeks
  15. Please someone help enlighten me on how to not upset a client /customer when they start there own pruning mission and think that its ok to add there cuttings to your lovely chip pile . I always seem to come across to strong ? Shouting check for wire ...bird feeders ...nests etc ... In reality I want to say stop taking the piss and fook off these machines are high maintenance ya twat .


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