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  1. What's on your bench today?

    It wont fit on my bench but our stumpy is giving me grief . It cuts lovely at full revs then dies down after 8 mins . It always drives to the job well ? 20 HP Kohler Engine .. Ram Grinder . Switch it off and re start 5 mins later ....works great then the same again ? fuel bowl full of crap ?
  2. Ian's Unimog build thread.

  3. small firm with no full time staff

    I agree
  4. small firm with no full time staff

    Hey don't get me wrong people . If the subbie is on point he gets paid well . Its the ones that talk bull on the phone and turn up to a job and ...well thats when you find out they have never used spikes .....or even used a lowering line ? Before you pups all start yapping ...Ive been climbing for over 25 yrs now .... ..so i no the crack
  5. This is my Arborist Van

    Wise man
  6. This is my Arborist Van

    I need to work for you If only .........
  7. The mutt's nuts, take 'me or leave 'em?

    Nice one Praise the lord He looks a bit like I imagine you to look like ..... Stern n Staunch but full of naughtiness
  8. small firm with no full time staff

    I work mainly on my own now with the exception of a few local groundies . I'm sick of been let down by these so called subbie climbers ? Late for work ie road works ? I couldnt find the job site ?? How come everyone else did ? Half of them break stuff and expect your insurance to cover there incompetence . Still they want to be paid £ 100 - 140 a day . Slow and steady is my path now . Finding a good bunch of subbies is a beautiful thing
  9. The mutt's nuts, take 'me or leave 'em?

    Just gonna add .... how content the little fella looks
  10. The mutt's nuts, take 'me or leave 'em?

    Excellent post ....... That boy looks like he's in fine fettle . Leave his ball sack alone ....:thumbup . Im sure he'd thank you for it if he could talk .
  11. Where is he?

    Cheers ..... I,m not the brightest button in the box :thumbup :
  12. Where is he?

    post 12 on here ? ? Please enlighten me .. youngman
  13. Where is he?

    Exactly .... Just because he ain't posted in a while doesn't mean he's lost the love .. My guess is that the old boy is smashed out with work and stressed out .... as am I NOW BREATHE
  14. Is chipper dust something we should be worried about.

    Ive now just recovered from my third lung infection ... ? Its a fact that after my Xray my results showed more scarring on my left lung which has been aggravated ? By what ...... I ask ... the consultant . Tree work maybe .... No no no he says ? Bollocks Over twenty years on the saw has taught me that chainsaw dust is bad . Most of us in the industry know this .... Although many operatives neglect or don,t take into account the fumes from the saw .... which are quite potent .. just saying
  15. Best place for old kohler engine parts

    Hi Charlie I have a Kohler Triad 18hp in parts .If this engine is compatible part wise you can have it ....no charge . Im not to far from you .


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