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  1. Serious drought of Arb workers?

    Underbidding is something I,ve done a lot of in the past 1990s : ( It took me a while to understand that this will win you lots of work .. yes .... crappy work .. Now I give a written price after talking the potential customer through the whole job . 90 % of our work now comes from recommendations.
  2. Why I love using ladders for tree work

    Nice ladders .. Although I reckon most professionals could of done that job with out them easily . Whats with the harness ? I know it makes sense.. H /S n all ...but in this scenario ? Don,t try and kid anyone on hear that you were attached at all times .
  3. Nissan Pathfinder?

    Our old 1998 Nissan Patrol was a workhorse . Although it was a bitch to start when warm .
  4. Arb waste wanted Cheshire.

    Where are you based fella ?
  5. Here's my real life experience ... I paid a climber £ 120 a day for 4-5 yrs ....as and when needed . Yes he helped me out loads . Many Thanks . Start time 8.30 ....Finish 4.30 .....Standard Although many a time he was late turning up to site ? Usually ended up blaming the motorway ? Nearly always done by 3 ish . Quite often he'd have a beer at ours while watching his team on sky . Plus my lady would make some scooby doo bacon butties which he enjoyed . Used my chainsaw files and my fuel . In the end I got sick of him moaning so got rid of the guy in 2015 . Tried to keep on speaking terms ...but he wasn't playing ball . So I'm now back to full time climbing at 47 ...slower but dam everyone is a load happier . Jobs are smoother and I'm down a stone down in chubb : ) Plus more dollars for me . There are some brilliant climbers out there ....but also plenty of walter mittys ... a
  6. Builders bags ?

    Please do fella .... I loves a visit . Beers are on me : ) My lady ..... mmmm well lets say shes a prime candidate for the sack lol ....
  7. Builders bags ?

    One day eggs ... Trust me I might put you in one : ) Only use them for rakings fella hope you and yours are well . Warm regards .
  8. Builders bags ?

    Any of you guys got a better alternative ? Yes they are cheap and often free . Although once filled are bloody heavy ? Many thanks .
  9. Remembrance sunday

    Its crazy how many other ex service guys end up in the Arb game . Done the alcohol bit a good time ago .
  10. Remembrance sunday

    Totally understand your post . I agree with it 100% .
  11. Birds of prey .

    Plenty of Buzzards here in South Cheshire . One of our groundies spotted an object falling from the sky last week nr Sandbach Service M6 . The climber said it was some kind of bird ? Seconds later he heard a crash ? Bird of prey hitting a Pigeon ? ....
  12. Media Brainwashing

  13. Media Brainwashing

    soap on a rope : )
  14. New harness time

    Any decent new sit harness's about to help support my 47 yr old arse ; )
  15. Media Brainwashing

    Anyone who believes in accepting more migrants political or other .... is just betraying themselves and the country you live in . You people better not lay on your back and give in to this political correctness card . Otherwise its curtains for us all . Wake up and lets stop pussy footing around . Bolt .... For what its worth I admire your banter and contributions to this post . In my eyes you and your thoughts are detrimental to the prosperity of this once great country .


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