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  1. Cedar of Lebanon

    Sorry I,m not able to deliver . Also have some nice Oak next week .
  2. Cedar of Lebanon

    Trees not far from you ...in Sunny South Cheshire 5 mins from Junc 15 M6 .
  3. Cedar of Lebanon

    Following this with interest . We are taking down a large Blue Cedar in the next month or so . Not sure if its more profitable to ring up for firewood or sell the timber as is ..... Obviously the buyer can state desired lengths. Numerous pieces at 2ft diameter .. 10ft - 14ft long . Main trunk 4ft diameter to 8ft in height .
  4. Ripped off by tree surgeons

    Never ever quote a price from a pic .
  5. One last reduction before I hang my harness up

    All the best in your new quest . Seriously though Steve .... you will still be looking at the trees when your out and about ....and saying to yourself ... that tree needs dead wooding , Ooh a nice little reduction there . Not to mention when you hear a chainsaw nearby and have to do the mandatory drive by . Don't sell ya saddle Boss .
  6. Bandit 65 chipper good or bad?

    Our old Bandit was heavy but dam it was better made than almost 90% of modern chippers . Single roller used to struggle with small branches and the deadwood jamming the roller . Great machine .
  7. Silky cut protection?

    Silky,s don't take prisoners . I've been bit many a time . I also use a Leather glove only on the holding hand but often I forget ? Mind you the buggers still get ya . Heal Quick . My latest Japanese secateurs took a large piece of my finger last year . Not paying attention .
  8. top friction

    Make your own device like we did ...... It ain't rocket science ....
  9. You guys seem to have a very fast turnover of staff ? Just saying ; )
  10. ARB Approved...views please.

    I've said it before and I really do need to say it again .. Some of the worse tree pruning I have seen in the last few yrs / rips tears the lot ..... was carried out by an AA approved contractor . Just what I've seen ...so speaking from experience .
  11. Pine dismantle

    Loved watching that ... Cheers
  12. Arb waste wanted Cheshire.

    Give Chris a call at Forest Stump Ltd . He used to live in Holmes Chapel . Now lives in Smallwood . I have sold out of quality seasoned wood . Although plenty of stuff to be cut for next year . Mind you its a tad damp at the moment ? Sure we can sort you out if Chris can't .
  13. Serious drought of Arb workers?

    Underbidding is something I,ve done a lot of in the past 1990s : ( It took me a while to understand that this will win you lots of work .. yes .... crappy work .. Now I give a written price after talking the potential customer through the whole job . 90 % of our work now comes from recommendations.
  14. Why I love using ladders for tree work

    Nice ladders .. Although I reckon most professionals could of done that job with out them easily . Whats with the harness ? I know it makes sense.. H /S n all ...but in this scenario ? Don,t try and kid anyone on hear that you were attached at all times .
  15. Nissan Pathfinder?

    Our old 1998 Nissan Patrol was a workhorse . Although it was a bitch to start when warm .


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