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  1. Hiah Mate. Tony and Martin are good guys with a lot of experience and have had to do things the hard way. Dragged the company up from the bottom after it went pear shaped. They have some tidy contracts up North with a few different councils etc. As others have said be totally honest and clear in what experience you have but also sell the fact that you are keen and hard working.
  2. Actually I wanted to read some of it agian so found it. http://www.hse.gov.uk/research/rrhtm/rr668.htm
  3. Hiah fella. Was a big study done by hse/treevoloution. Is a massive pdf file of over 350 pages I believe. If you run a search on google you will find it.
  4. Sometimes every day. We operate our own mewp. 17m on a daff body. Rarity these days as it will operate over the top of cab. Full 360. Handy sometimes. Open another can of worms...Hierarchy of WAH??
  5. Boss is pretty decent to us in the weather. Few jobs with the polesaw and managed to time them right in between the worst of it.
  6. As mentioned, 2 krabs in the sling with the gates apposing to minimize the risk of both gates opening. Main line taken up as a second system. Rope through the krabs so acting as a false crotch then rescue as normal. For people who are totally new I get them going upand down a few times, I go first and set a false crotch and set up a "top rope" belay. Sometimes gives them more confidence early on.
  7. Hi guys. Trying to find more info about an accident that happened last weekend in Australia. Is something on treemagineers in case anybody hasn't heard
  8. Didn't get stung when I had the rr sent over but did for a set of boots(arb pro EVO 2). Cost about 15 for boots.
  9. Think treekit have one coming up soon. Check their website
  10. Only talking from a newbies perspective as this is what I was answering to. If they have never climbed before then it might not be the best approch to learn on. Can become gear locked with ascenders etc if not experianced in there use. As i stated though if someone turned up with the right attitude and knowledge then I would be happy for them to climb on SRT. As for your climbing assessment then. If SRT is what you climb on day to day then use it. Expect lots of questions on why do you use it and pros and cons of SRT Vs DDRT. If they have staff already using SRT then they might already be aware but testing to see if you know your stuff. Expect them to know bugger all about it though and you won't go wrong
  11. My tuppence worth. When I teach a climbing course the first thing a student learns practically is a 3 knot system. This is incase anything goes wrong they still have the means to effect a rescue even if they dont have a prussik loop etc. As long as they know how to tie this they can use what they want to complete the course. Only one stipilation is that they can show me what they are going to use and that they are competant in setting it up. Saying that i would be cautious if someone wanted to use Srt unless they showed sound knowledge and had a good grasp of the principles involved.
  12. Bigger purple pinto Steve. Hopefully a bit more room there.
  13. Be switching mine as from tomorrow. Not noticed any wear but still better to be safe than sorry. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Question 1 is a tricky one. So many variables in the mix. What type of stuff are you cutting i.e nasty horrible hawthorn hedge rows or nice flail misses around the bottom of poles. Experience levels of the guys you have cutting with you. Question 2. Have been out of utilities a while but last I knew it was 120lv per span and 110hv


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