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  1. Little update on how ive found the hla 65 and 85 since buying earlier this month. In short they are absolutely brilliant, i wouldnt swap them for any petrol hedge trimmer now. My main concern was that i was used to using the 4 mix km100 and thought the power difference would be an issue, but unless your topping conifers that are right on the edge of what a hedgetrimmer will cut there isnt much in it atall. But to my surprise on the bigger trimming jobs we are actually quite alot quicker using the electric gear. Reason is the usual tea break wen it runs out of fuel is no more! This thing will trim and trim, you make a start on a bigger hedge but there isnt really a suitable time to stop so most of the time you just carry on till your done. Its definitly a nicer working enviroment aswell without the noise and the fumes. Cant rate these hedgetrimmers enough, same for the batterys. One small issue to overcome now that we are approaching winter was the battery not charging wen its cold. Which is always the case because even after constant use the battery never gets even warm, it needs a small amount of heat first and then it goes. Not a major issue but something you need a plan for. I look forward to seeing how far stihl can push the battery technology over the coming years. 😎
  2. Its a rock solid boot out of the box, probably the best ive worn. The build quality is excellent.
  3. Maybe its a quality issue with certain baches, i think for the cost of the battery and the associated issues with one coming out ill put a bungee cord on to be sure. Me and bungee cords are good friends anyways πŸ˜„ I hadnt put much thought into covering the batterys, will keep that in mind.
  4. Some trees just deserve to live cos of the adversity they've overcome πŸ˜„.
  5. stihl 260 with an 18 inch bar is a beauty of a saw πŸ‘
  6. Glad your getting on well with them, i cant wait to get mine tomorrow. Theres a guy on youtube that made a video to point out a problem with the batterys coming loose. He said if it taps against anything it will come loose and fall out, as a quick fix you can put a bungee cord around it which will keep it in place.
  7. Good good glad you get on well with them. ill mention that to frjones tomorrow and see what they say. I saw a youtube video yesterday were somebody took the factory fitted shaft off and replaced it with the shaft from the older version of the petrol polesaw. He gutted it completely first and then fed a wire through and it worked fine plus had extra reach. Ill try and find it again and post a link.
  8. I didant treat mine with anything and the sole wore out ages before the boot was anywhere close.
  9. I think thats the best legal way of getting the most out of a 3.5 tonner load wise, a decent trailer behind it. Most payloads on the van itself arent very good after adding a chip box to it.
  10. If you got money to burn it looks like a beauty 😎
  11. I ran a few sets of rotatech in an entec 125 ( same machine) and didant have any issues. Have also ran them in a jensen a540 for nearly 3 years with no problems so far either.
  12. I think the technology is getting there, i will never forget wen a tesla suv raced an audi r8 on the grand tour and beat it. Impressive video, was not expecting that! πŸ˜„
  13. Cool i just put my order through for the hla 65, hla 85, 2 ap300 batterys and the 500 quick charger. Price made me flinch abit but it sounds like its a good invesment. Look forward to using this after watching every youtube video that exists on it πŸ˜„
  14. What a great idea, I just had a scroll through it and found a few tips locally. Nice job on that Steve
  15. Thanks Blah, they definitly sound like the way to go. Do you run the stihls?


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