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  1. Splices on eBay

    Iv had several of his friction e2e's and they all arrived without the core exposed if that helps.
  2. Pantin with Hitch Climber

    Hay Jake, Go for the non dominant foot, gives the other leg the work out
  3. its a bargain, 8" chipper 4k

    I went to sample a new chipper today and it was bright yellow! The engine didn't die and the revs stayed strong throughout, the infeed was pants only taking a branch as big as my thumb thick at a time - not liking the greenery, H&S was missing lol and the projection just about made it two feet into the back of the truck. For all the stuff I chipped I cleared up about 70% off the floor. Shame, no sale today
  4. Lanyard set up

    Poison ivy 8m! was in the bargain bin so got one end spliced and decided to sample it. VT made in 10mm Sirius with fishermans, tried some 8mm op and failed to get the instant grip. Have a pinto with two ovals along with the vectran loop with thimble. Would put up an image but have no clue how
  5. Never give up.

    Power to that man. What determination. Love it.
  6. Alder coppice

    Hi Dean, Alder love the wet so I would leave the drainage to do its thing for now. After talking with Ted Green from the Ancient Tree Forum about coppicing he spoke of the beaver technique !! basically just chop out about 50% of each stool and let the res grow on. He also said to leave the cuts about a foot from the ground. Think I remember reading that Alder is good for fence posts ? though not completely sure. Hope this helps. Neil http://www.treeconnection.co.uk
  7. Spiderjack VS lockjack

    Only used a sj once and had some trust issues with just letting go of the rope lol. Hope to get one one day and have a play with it.
  8. Diary of a lymphomaniac

    Hay buddy like many have said already were here and we listen. My wife is a health practitioner with a special interest in nutrition so reading your thread I asked her if there was anything you could do to help yourself a little extra. Anyways here it is, quit cafeen and sugar that means sweetners too. Check the labels of your food and drinks. Be well. Neil
  9. rope schwing

    holy moly I felt that one for him !!
  10. what will walnut do?

    Thanks guys, let it be know there was no reducing going on today and as you say a light thin and a little lift did wonders just a shame its dripping now.
  11. what will walnut do?

    Hi guys, Got a walnut to thin out, its currently leaf less and was thinking of thinning by about 20% to let more light through for the gardeners etc. . . How do they react to pruning? Any info would be great Cheers Neil:thumbup:
  12. what harness are you using

    Tree magic right now but have the tree motion comin in the post! Excited lol
  13. Hedge laying

    Hahaha you didn't tell me it was all hawthorn lad lol
  14. V.T.A symptoms "the chatty trees"

    Found one the other day on a vet lime, the root was about 2inch thick. Pic will follow
  15. One million trees in one day!!!!

    Fb page liked


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