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  1. Giant Coast Redwoods ~ a Must-See ~ 2015

    Boy Scout Tree Trail ...
  2. Decay Fungi and Trees - What Would You Like to Know?

    You spoke of the role of decay fungi in likelihood of failure. Actually, if wood is decayed, the role may not matter as much at a certain moment, as the fact the wood is decayed. But I think some relevant concerns may revolve around whether certain types of decay fungi can be identified and whether their presence is much bigger concern than other kinds of fungi. Are there ones that are no big deal, like what decays a small pruning cut area for a few years ... vs. another that means keeping a closer eye on the tree or justifying biting nails over. Is there a practical way to list the role of things, conditions practices that may commonly trigger different fungi? Or the worst of the decay fungi. I get the impression that it's common knowledge among experienced arborists that decayed or rotted wood tends to be weaker than "healthy" or sound wood. So it seems like decay fungi's "role" in likelihood of failure is not poorly understood.
  3. Giant Coast Redwoods ~ a Must-See ~ 2015

    Colors of the Forest .... This shot will probably become a print or canvas ...
  4. Giant Coast Redwoods ~ a Must-See ~ 2015

    You're welcome. I live even closer now, so new photos can continue, with intermittent throwbacks. I haven't spotted #s on posts to reference back to yet, but back just a little to last month's June image of the wedding couple ... this spot below is where they got married, down on that small gravel and sand bar where the creek changes course ...
  5. Avatars

    I couldn't figure out where to change it to another new avatar tonight, and posted here asking. But I figured it out. Thanks.
  6. Giant Coast Redwoods ~ a Must-See ~ 2015

    For me, it's working very smoothly and speed is fine. I like the look of the new site too. So in a nutshell, very good. Thank you !! It was only awkward the first time because it was different. Once I got used to where to look for what, fairly simple.
  7. Giant Coast Redwoods ~ a Must-See ~ 2015

    Fog is my favorite, but the redwood forest still looks dramatic under shade of canopies over 300 ft. tall, especially toward the last hours of daylight.
  8. Giant Coast Redwoods ~ a Must-See ~ 2015

    A coast redwood is now inching it's way to 390 ft. Could it look like this one? A good mystery to ponder.
  9. We're back!!!

    During the transition, approaching the "eminent" outcome, I read about "teams" working around the clock. How many teams did it take to get up to speed?
  10. Tulip tree

    The other replies so far haven't gotten you any closer to a solution. But you may want to figure out what type of Magnolia because the form or type may alter suggestions. I'm going off your OP at the moment and assuming it's a "Magnolia". The Liriodendron tree with common name "Tulip Tree" is rarely to never called a Magnolia, but the genus Magnolia is always a Magnolia, with occasional use of the nickname after flower shape. A photo or two would be handy to see.
  11. Giant Coast Redwoods ~ a Must-See ~ 2015

    Returning to visit an old friend, in Prairie Creek redwoods.
  12. Giant Coast Redwoods ~ a Must-See ~ 2015

    Time to explore.
  13. Giant Coast Redwoods ~ a Must-See ~ 2015

    A photo from the old road in the midst of one park with both van and human for scale.
  14. This is my Arborist Van

    After reading this thread, I can see how others would enjoy the guy sharing the way he equipped his van. But sharing it on video may not be a great idea. Although, I know several arborists who have very secure shops where a van like that could be locked indoors with alarm and nearly 24 hour per day surveillance. It reminds me of a photography forum I use, where many photographers post with much of their gear in their signature. I eventually removed mention in my signature about any camera models or lenses used. It seemed like an invitation for theft.
  15. Giant Coast Redwoods ~ a Must-See ~ 2015

    This was a pleasant change of pace recently. Met a couple who chose to have a wedding ceremony in the coast redwoods. This was following the ceremony, which was closer to the river in the park.


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