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  1. I got plenty of oak down in Kent if you could find a haulier looking for a back load
  2. I'm currently removing 250 oaks from a woodland near canterbury Kent and have approx 150 tons of firewood for sale. Saw logs have been provisionally sold but would be keen to hear from interested parties in case anything falls through. Easy all weather ride side access for artics directly off main A road. Everything cut to 2.5m £40 a ton plus vat at roadside. Can deliver locally to Canterbury with tractor and trailer or organise artic delivery if further afield
  3. Still keep the handle for all the times you can't get a truck onto the end of the fence. If the wire is so buried that it's pulling the truck along then all the clamp will do is cut the wire anyway
  4. Take the section of chain puller without the handle on ( clamp with tail of chain ) and stick a loop of chain at the end and secure with a bolt with a couple of wide flat washers). Attach winch hook into the loop of the chain
  5. What's the clutch like? I'm guessing it can't be too bad if you have had it apart already to replace those bits
  6. There's so many variables that could dictate the answer of cordwood price and profit etc. How big is the timber and how long does it take to process? How easy is the site to work ie flat or steep etc wet sites can be nightmares if u have to brash mat everything How far from wood to roadside access for wagons. Everyone has different overheads and I'd rather shift the wood quickly at for a bit less than wait 6 months to get 100 quid a load more. To be honest if I was cutting nice straight oak beech ash mix that was all 12" diameter the price would be more but as there is some oversize timber and small stuff then it's priced accordingly
  7. First stack pictured weighed 22 ton according to weigh bridge tickets. Haven't had tickets back for other loads yet
  8. I got a tracked knocker and based in Kent if you want some fencing doing in the snotty ground we share!
  9. 70 tons out of the first advert has gone already so hopefully the rest will go when I'm done extracting it
  10. Got some 11ft birch and 10ft softwood ( Corsican pine) for sale on the same site if anyone is interested. Should be 2 wagon loads of birch and 1 of softwood.
  11. Stolen from locked vehicle on my home driveway. Vehicle isn't sign written in any way nor is it an obvious chip truck etc as it's only use is getting lads to the woods and ferrying diesel to the machines
  12. I have been with axa since 2006 and have never made a claim, I had never even made a motoring claim until earlier this year when my truck was stolen from the garage it was being repaired at. I understand people falsify claims etc but the police never even bothered to send anyone out as in their own words all we can say is" tell you someone has been in your truck". Genius eh. In their own words we have to assume the robbery happened in the dead of night..... We all know what assumption is the mother of don't we?! It was the senior claims handler that wrote to me so I can't take it any higher in that department tho a letter to the financial ombudsman is in order. Researching the whole situation it seems the long delay between correspondence is a regular occurrence.
  13. I will arrange another policy with a different company. It's quite unnerving to think these clowns are covering my public liability employers liability then the forest machines themselves.
  14. After my 2nd break in this year and my 2nd disappointing result from the insurance company I wanted to share some advice. I recently lost 7k of tools in a break in, a mixture of saws and most annoying were my tool boxes of fencing gear. I didn't actually realise I had been broken into as they had done such a neat job of closing everything up and it was only when I went to put the fuel cans for the tractor in the truck I realised. Now I rang the police told them everything I knew but was still quite shocked over what had happened. I then rang the insurance company who after a short while told me that my tools aren't covered outside of working hours 9pm - 6 am.... After having an argument with the claims department who basically said tough luck. Then over 40 days later after my many attempts to contact them failed and the written statement form they said they had sent had not arrived I eventually got a very unsympathetic letter where my calls to them and the police were scrutinised and elements were high lighted. Handy to question me over 40 days later after a group of people have been picking holes in what I told the police. So long and the short of it is make sure you be as accurate as possible with what you tell the police and claims department, I heard a loud bang at 8pm and went outside but saw nothing so didn't mention it to the police. Axa used this against me. Make sure you're covered for everything you want, even worth asking what you aren't covered for. In the 2 robberies I lost a combined 9500 worth of tools which I now have to replace out of my own pocket, so the thieving scum of 2015 have essentially had 19k off me this year.
  15. garth mc garth


    Didn't help me.... Robbing bastards cleared me out of saws, helmets, saw files wedges etc and most annoyingly all my fencing tools which I have been building up over last 12 years. In total about 7k worth of stuff plus having a truck stolen in February adds to the total
  16. Typical load of cordwood on my trailer for £350
  17. I have 3 or 4 artic loads of mixed hardwood available for sale near Canterbury Kent. Stack 1 contains oak, beech, hornbeam and sweet chestnut in 2m lengths and was cut 2nd week of August. Stack 2 contains oak and beech only in 3.3m lengths and was cut 1st week of September. Stack 3 contains sweet chestnut only in 3.3m lengths and was cut 1st week of September. Stack 4 contains oak and beech in 3.3m lengths and was cut mid September. £45 a ton including vat @ roadside Easy access for artic wagons or rigids 07716006785
  18. Upto 375mm diameter and 2m long. Cutting some slightly bigger stuff at the moment
  19. Hi, I'm cutting 11 acres near Canterbury at the moment. Have got mixed hardwoods available including: oak, beech, hornbeam, birch and sweet chestnut. I'm based near tenterden so not too far away
  20. Found over east brabourne direction, didn't even bother stripping it before burning it out. I just hope I left a few slabs of 12 bore cartridges in there and they were standing next to it watching their handy work
  21. Drove round all the sites at first light but didn't spot anything, did a tour of local byways still nothing. Just had a call from Ashford police saying they found it in a field burnt out.
  22. Black l200 crewcab approx 54 reg were seen to break in, push my truck onto the road and then tow it off to the direction of wye.
  23. Don't worry I'll be driving round all the local sites in the morning.


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